Do You Ignore the Skin and Hair?

While we pay a lot of attention to our faces, we often ignore or completely forget the neck and chest area and hair as well. Comparatively, the skin on the décolletage, which is the skin stretching from under the chin to the cleavage, is thinner that the skin on the face. This stretch is in fact equally exposed to sun damage and so is your hair, but these areas are unfortunately the most neglected portions of the body. If you ignore these areas, you’ll likely notice damage showing up as broken capillaries, blotchy skin, and scaly patches on the skin and a dry, itchy and dandruff-laden scalp.

The fix is to treat these neglected areas with the same amount of care and attention, which means that anything you apply on your face should be applied to your neck and chest as well. Similarly, you should use effective hair products from conditioners, oil and serum to protect against hair colour loss and damage. Using skin and hair products to cover these neglected yet vulnerable areas ensures holistic skin and hair treatment in the long run.

Going to sleep without washing your face can cause skin concerns. While you may wish to just fall into bed at the end of the day, exhausted and tired, it is important that you wash your face thoroughly to remove any impurities that may have accumulated during the entire day. Debris from makeup, dirt, oils and pollution collect on your skin during the course of the day and clog pores causing skin breakouts. Similarly, dirt from pollution accumulates on your hair and can be the main reason for acne on facial skin areas where the hair touches. This is when you need to use a hair serum to create a protective layer through the day and natural hair products to wash off the dirt, preventing hair damage and hair colour loss.

The question is do you really want all that grease all over your pillowcase? If not, clean up before going to bed to experience freshness and a rejuvenated feel the moment you wake up.


Keep a Special Check Over Your Diet Plan During Pregnancy

It has been observed that there are many women who ask that if there’s a particular diet plan that they should adhere to during their pregnancy. According to experts, a woman should religiously follow the diet plan recommended by their dieticians to avoid any sort of long term disorder. Moreover, her nutritionist should ensure that she/he knows their client’s BMI stats that can derived through the use of a BMI calculator before a diet plan is created for her.

You do not need to become overtly conscious about what you eat, but yes, you should just make sure that things are consumed in apt quantity. This is because any diet plan that is not followed correctly can have a direct impact on your infant.

No matter you are addicted to beverages or you are an occasional wine sipper, you should say a big no to alcoholism and reduce consumption of tea or coffee to one time a day.

Over the years, it has been observed that there is an escalation of pregnancy complications, and the entire credit goes to unhealthy eating habits. Complications may vary from closed Fallopian tubes, distorted sperm, immature eggs and the like. There are a many obstacles to conception that 25-30% couples are contemporarily encountering.

Thus, make sure that if you are expecting your angel soon, you follow a very diet plan to avoid any sort of complications. Besides adhering to a strict diet plan, you should use a BMI calculator to keep a check over whether you are putting up appropriate weight or not.

Five Interesting Tips to Bid Adieu to Acne

If you have an oily skin, make sure that you select such an acne treatment that would suit your skin texture and its sensitivity. This is very important to make sure that the acne does not reoccur. Variations in your lifestyle and things that you eat on a daily basis can go a long way in ascertaining that acne becomes a matter of past. Let us have an overview of various skin treatment, which you people can flexibly try at home:

• Majority of skin issues can be resolved flexibly once you keep your skin clean and oil-free throughout the day. This being said, it is important to wash your face regularly, a gentle face cleanser is precisely what you require. Avoid using scrubs and exfoliators because excessive use of exfoliators could result in worsening your acne.

• If you find pimples proliferating along with your hair roots, make sure that you shampoo it regularly. Doing so will keep you sweat-free and will help you in ensuring that the skin around it is clean and healthy. Better still get a complete skin treatment in a reputed salon to ensure deep cleansing of the skin.

• There are many pimple creams available in markets which ultimately dry up the affected area and enable a person to retain their face gloss.

• Greasy cosmetic products like lotions, hair styling products, and sun-block can have a direct impact in clogging skin pores. Hence, if you have been using such cosmetic products because here’s the time to bid adieu to such creams and lotions.

• If you are fed up with any of the skin issues likes dark patches, blemishes, acne, avoid touching the infected area. Besides it, you should refrain from picking at it or pocking it because doing so will leave terrible scars on skin.

As a whole, be cautious and follow the aforementioned tips and you are guaranteed to flaunt your clear and radiant skin, which you must have dreamt of.

Super Hair Benefits with Sesame Oil

We are aware that natural oils are highly beneficial for skin and hair treatment. It forms as one of the basic ingredients in hair products from oils to serums that help to retain hair colour, structure, sheen and lustre. Of the many, sesame oil is popular for its use in the treatment of hair growth. This oil is considered as one of the best herbs that has been used for centuries as a part of the hair treatment routine. It is extracted from Sesamum flower while the edible seeds on the pod are used for in various recipes.

Benefits of using Sesame oil for Hair treatment include improving of the hair colour. This means that if you want your hair to look darker, get hair products that contain sesame oil as the main ingredient, massage it on the scalp daily and notice how it works on your hair naturally. Regular use helps to prevent and treat premature greying of your hair that is mainly caused due to its darkening qualities. It promotes blood circulation, thereby promoting natural hair growth and sustaining hair health owing to its high penetrating ability.

Sesame oil works to extensively nourish, lubricate and heal hair concerns. Besides being utilised in many dishes as a flavour enhancer and as cooking oil as well, it has proven to be highly beneficial as a beauty enhancer and works great for scalp treatment and to promote healthy hair growth. Enriched with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and proteins, Sesame oil fortifies the hair from the root giving it deep nourishment.

The Need for Skin Lighting Treatment

A pigmented face, tanned and uneven complexion are the signs of sun damage. These can be attributed to varying climatic conditions making it even more imperative for you to revamp your dull complexion. Sun damage also adds on to your age making you look older than you are. Hence, the need for skin and anti-aging treatments are essential to enhance skin texture and elasticity.

While there are a number of superficial skin whitening and anti-aging treatments that promise to deliver results, pigmentation needs to be carefully treated to ensure less use of excess chemical peels and more employment of natural agents to diminish scars and marks.

The best skin whitening treatment can be explained by your dermatologist and hence, you must not hesitate to ask questions when in doubt about the treatment that will be employed. Moreover, it is essential that you think through what needs to be asked so that you do not waste time at the clinic and your skin expert can then use the time to address all your concerns relating to the treatment process.

One of the most common skin-lightning treatments used is the Obagi Nu-Derm system that penetrated the skin layers deep enough to enhance and restore healthy skin cells. This works to reduce age spots, pigmentation, fine visible lines and hence, improves the overall skin smoothness restoring your youthful appearance to a certain extent.

This treatment incorporates the use of creams and cleansing gels that exhibit action to correct hyperpigmentation, neutralizes free radicals and accelerates the overall skin cell renewal process. It minimizes the damage caused by sun exposure or premature aging and suits all skin types. Obagi Nu-Derm is a cost-effective skin treatment for those with a limited budget and especially when you need to spend consistently on skin lightening and anti aging products.

You can Now Bid Adieu to Skin Issues without Paying Sky-Scraping Prices

With the wedding day is approaching fast, everyone is looking for that flawless & healthy skin that can brighten their skin texture, enhance physical appearance and above all, rejuvenate it from within.

Gone are the days when a person had to pay sky-scraping prices in order to purchase a simple facial kit or facial bleach kit. Now is the time to bid adieu to your worries as clinics to the likes of VLCC and ALPS are introducing diversified range of do-it-yourself personal care facial kits. These kits have the appropriate balance of products that you would require to invigorate and revive your skin.

Enlisted are some of the simple things that you should try at home. Moreover, the best part is that you need not pay sky scraping prices in order to avail the advantages of these procedures.

Cleanse the skin – Begin with washing your face with a mild face wash and clean your face and neck with a soothing cleansing milk prior to putting on make-up or repeat the same while removing make-up.

Steam – There are different ways by which one can take steam. You can use a deep base utensil filled with hot water, use a thick towel to soak in the steam, and press it gently onto your face. Repeat it twice or thrice so that the steam can penetrate ideally into the dermal layers of the skin. You can also purchase steamers that are readily available in the market at affordable rates.

Massage – Though it might sound simple, you should always pamper your skin with regular massages for about ten minutes twice a week. Massage gently with finger tips and use upward strokes so that the cream gets absorbed into the skin. Even 5 to 10 minutes of gentle massage will revitalize the skin and enhance its texture.

The mask – Exfoliation helps in treating the dead cells from its roots. Face masks play an imperative role in hydrating the texture of the skin. The market is flooded with diversified range of facial bleach kits and hence, you can try any one of them that best matches your skin type in order to get rid of any skin pigmentation problems.