Beauty Care: Bridal Make-Up & Botox

Beauty care is what all women love to indulge in and spending money for it does not bother them much. Beauty care is a not part of the modern lifestyle, but like an innate natural trait in women. Historical records and evidences also say that even in the ancient era kings and queens used to spend a lot to be pampered by their maids and personal attendants with specially prepared products and services exclusively for their personal beauty care. And now, according to the current trend it has become quite common among women of all ages to visit the beauty salons for each and every skincare and beauty care issues. They don’t mind spending on their skin and beauty treatments and especially when it comes to marriages, they involve themselves more in beauty care services.

Bridal make up done by professional artists and at salons has become an in-thing for almost a decade. The day of the wedding is the most special day in a woman’s life when she wants to look her best.

botox treatment

Salons thus offer different personalized packages, giving the most stunning look to the bride entirely according to her wish. The popular bridal artists and famous salons do not compromise on the quality of the products they use and services they provide. To give a lady her best look on her wedding day is their motto and for this they have specialized in offering a wide range of looks , from retro to modern, as a part of their customized service for bridal make-up.

The new era skincare, which results in younger looking skin without patches, dark spots and wrinkles, has been revolutionized by a miraculous product called Botox. It’s a miracle of modern day science known scientifically as Botulinum toxin. It’s now widely used in cosmetic skincare treatments and in various medical cures.

Although its actions are for short time spans of about four months, people worldwide are choosing to use such methods for giving their skin a younger look. It is injected on the forehead along the glabellar lines. Side effects of using Botox cannot be overlooked but in spite of being well aware of its negative areas, people, especially famous media personalities, are known to use it to retain their youthful looks. Muscular weakness in the entire body, difficulties in vision, dysarthria, voice loss, respiratory trouble, problem in gulping food and difficulty in breathing, are some of the major effects of using it. Alarming conditions arise when people begin to suffer from grave allergies. In those cases injection dosages should be stopped immediately.


How to Lose Belly Weight Effectively

A bloated stomach is the cause of many health problems. Experts say the intake of sugar and excessive salt is the major cause of many problems. The problem is increasing more among men as compared to women. If you take few precautions can help you to come out of these problems. The main reason is eating problems. Some people prefer salt in the dinner table. This is most dangerous for increasing blood pressure. Blood pressure increase or decrease contributes to many health problems. Fibre is the best way to reduce excessive unwanted present in our body. Eat insoluble as well as soluble fibre. Some foods contain rich amount of fibre such as the raspberries, mushrooms, oranges and many more. Also, always try to stay hydrated to help lose belly fat. Water is always the best to dissolve everything in it. If you drink less water then it cause increase in sodium and potassium level. Banana and sweet potatoes contain some substance which can minimize the waistline.

lose your belly weight

Avoid digestive stress so always take food which can be easily digestible. Fatty foods are not good for your health. Simple meals are best if you are unable to manage your weight from a long time. Take sugar free foods. Try to check your food levels after a period of time. Regular check up can help you in many ways. For example if you lose your weight last week then you can remember what healthy habits you adopt this week. This will motivate you to lose weight. Today the busy schedule of everyone is the main reason of all these problems no one has time for yoga, exercise and fitness club. Some people think that dieting is the best way to reduce weight. But you should consult with a doctor first as he/she is the best to advice on how to reduce weight the right way.

People suffer from severe disease because of dieting, it is true that dieting reduces some weight but it cause inner weakness to your body. Take proper breakfast at proper time. Indulge in sound sleep for at least 7 hours every day. Take care of your meal timings as it plays a major role to lose belly fat and shed excess weight. Don’t sleep extra in weekends as this is not going to reduce your stress of daily work. Try to walk at least 1 hour daily. You can opt for a morning or evening walk as per your convenience.

Let’s Look Good@VLCC Personal Care

facewashWhen you are looking for doing makeup, try doing something that is really good on you and can provide you with greater looks. It is important for you to take care not to do so much of makeup that you look weird in your office, school or college. For going daily to college and office, you should not put on so much makeup. All that you need to do is to do is to do face wash and then apply only little makeup that can make you look perfect for the day and do not overdo anything. It is also not a good thing to use so many things on your face daily as this can damage your skin.

When you are going to get ready for the day to your office or college, the first thing that you need to do is to do face ash and keep your face fresh. It is better for you to use only the sunscreen and moisturizing cream that can help your skin to look good and better avoid using all the things of makeup daily n your face. For daily make ups, the main thing to consider is that your skin is safe.

Using kajal on your face can add beauty to it and it is important for you to choose the right kind of product so that your eyes are not harmed. If you are applying it in a proper manner on your face, there is no need for you to use any other kind of cosmetics on your face. Try to get the product from good brand also learn some way of applying on your eye which can really suit your face in the better manner.

When you are using a kajal pencil, try to use it from the outward corner towards the inwards. You should make sure for taking short strokes and should also press the pencil on the waterline for providing it with greater amount of perfection. These eye products always come in the creamy and soft manner so that your eyes can feel comfortable using them. The only thing that you need to check is whether the material is suiting your eyes and not cuasing any kind of irritations to it. Try checking that first before you start using it regularly. For making the kajal stay on your eyes for a long time, you can dip it in the pot of black gel – liner and then apply it directly on the waterline.

Choosing a Lip Balm and Body lotion this Winter

body lotionLip balm is very much essential for you to keep your lips moisturized. There are many kinds of lip balms available that can be helpful for providing you with the kind of effect that you want. It is required for you to find out the right kind of product that can help you in making your lips look really good. It is very much essential for you to choose the right kind of product that can satisfy your requirements for you. There are so many popular brands available which can provide you with the kind of product that you actually want.

It is essential for you to choose the right kind of balm. You should take care of the scent, moisturizing property and also the colours of the product before you are making the decision to choose it or not. You should also take care of the applicator that is made used in the lip balm. There are many products available which have applicators like wheel for rolling it over your lips. There are some products that you can get in the squeezed tubes too and is primarily available in the case of lip glosses. Once you find that the product is good for you, then you can purchase it and apply it in your lips.

It is not just enough for your lips to look good but your whole body should be moisturized for keeping your skin really good throughout the climate of winter. It is important for you to consider the skin type when you are getting the body lotion for you. It is also important for you to find out the major ingredients that are added in the lotion and it is always important for you to have the constituents like petrolatum, water, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol included in the lotion.

When you are choosing the body lotion, it is important for you to consider whether you are sensitive to fragrances. There are some people who get very bad head ache when they smell some kind of fragrance. It is important for you also to consider the lifestyle of yours too when you get the lotion so that you can choose the ones that are made out of the fat derived from animal or vegetables. All the ingredients should be considered to find out whether there is anything that can cause irritation to your skin.