Eating raw fruits is good for health instead of gulping down glasses of juice

It has been an age old saying that ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’  Unfortunately here in India majority of us keep adding our creativity in every other thing. I am certainly not against trying innovations in flavors, but yes, at times it good to let things go on in the way as it, believes those who have done diploma in health.

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I am sure you do not need to dodiploma in health to know imperativeness of fruits in our everyday life. no matter you are school, office going person or a home maker, you must include fruits in your everyday diet. Fruits work magically against providing sufficient nutrients for body. It is observed that for the reason that it demands cleaning, peeling and munching, majority prefers having it a liquid form. If you have also been doing the same then wait a while and you need to avoid it. It’s true that easier to crush and less time consuming, but when it’s about health, it’s a priority for everyone. Even if you are suffering from disease, avoid drinking juice, as body’s immunity is not that strong at that point of time and consequentially, it is likely to take toll on body adversely. These days with increasing craze amid people, majority prefer application of natural remedies and this is where these things are taught to students in professional makeup courses as well.


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