Tips to care for oily and dry skin types

If you want flawless and fairer complexion, it is very important to take care of various aspects of your face care routine. As there are numerous points to cover, I have categorised this short blog using various sub headings for the ease of readers. Feel free to read the part that is relevant to you.

Different complexions have different needs and encounter various problems. It is essential to determine your skin type and then take facial bleach and required action.

facial bleach

Beauty ideas for oily skin

This is the most frustrating of skin types. The difficulties are aplenty, yet when taken care of well, you could end up with natural glowing complexion that is appealing and gorgeous.
Common snags

  • Coarse skin with apparently larger pores because of the over manufacturing of oils gives out a shiny and oily sheen.
  • Appearance of pimples and acne marks, blackheads, white heads and dark spots.
  • Simple suggestions
  • Stick with a healthy diet plan which includes lots of raw veggies and fruits avoiding oily and fast food.
  • Ensure your face is clean all day long. Use a natural facial kit once a week to help exfoliate and remove excess oils and prevent acne.

Beauty ideas for dry skin

If you think that oily skin is a discomfort, and then permit us tell you that having completely dry skin isn’t great either. Dry skin can be really unbearable particularly in winters and harsh low temperature levels giving extreme pain and an unpleasant look when not taken care of properly.

Common snags

  • Dry skin typically appears to have great structure with dullness. A closer look and you will notice some flaky or granulated  sections particularly near the lips, eyes, and forehead.
  •  If overlooked it will certainly develop creases and cause pre-mature aging making you look older than you are.
  •  Simple suggestions
  • Do not use warm water during a bath. In winters try using lukewarm water on the body but avoid it on the face.
  • Never ever leave the shower without using a hydrating moisturizer.
  • Tap dry your skin after a shower with a soft towel.

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