Say Goodbye to Brittle Hair and Skin through VLCC Extensive Care Products

Your skin and your hair are the most arresting features of your existential being. The tone, color and the quality of your hair and skin can either make you, or break you. While the dreadful pollution and the erratic weather conditions are adamant on making your hair and skin look dull and blotchy, there exists a pressing need to get it remedied before the elements can practically break them. VLCC’s hair color and facial remedies offer much more than that.

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VLCC’s Henna Hair colour solution is a growth remedy. It amplifies your hair’s volume and strength by protecting it from the daily damage. Hair shedding becomes scarce, and the cuticles stronger. Unlike other hair color that makes your hair vulnerable to a stock of chemicals and cause more damage than good in the long run, henna hair color solution serves as a conditioner. It smoothens out the dead ends and polishes that seemingly brittle look. It promotes growth and ensures that you never have to bid goodbye to those daily fallen strands of hair. VLCC’s henna hair color can surely serve as the panacea to all your hair problems.

If there is anything that is equally, if not more important, than those gorgeous hair, then it has to be the texture and the quality of your skin. Your skin is a mirror; it reflects your inner health and goodness as much it reflects your outer regimen. At VLCC, we have a truckload of facials therapies that come loaded with exfoliating luxuries. The right way to cuddle your skin is by rejuvenating it through VLCC’s comprehensive suite of facial therapies. The anti tan facial kit takes care of your tanning fears as much as the Fruit Facial Single Kit does; Diamond Facial kit and the Di-pigmentation kit provide a soothing experience to your skin by eliminating the stress. It lets your skin breathe, more freely than ever!


Ayurved to Stall Ageing

If there is one field that has pervaded the fabric of medicine in India is Ayurvedic Medicine. True, the concept of Ayurved has long been entrenched in the Indian culture, but the priority and the prominence that they now get over other medicines has changed the world of medicine. People, who earlier would flinch on the idea of having Ayurvedic treatment, are now resorting to its wonders- especially when the matter penetrates into aging.

Ageing is one of the most dreaded phenomenons today. Every person is trying to run away from ageing. However, running away from ageing is not possible, that’s the rule of nature. But there is always a way of slowing that ageing down. Anti ageing is following, rather sprinting, on the footsteps of Ayurvedic treatment.

skin care with ayurvedic treatment

The Ayurvedic perspective says that Ayurvedic medicines, lotions and creams help in restoring moisture balance and also help coordinate the metabolic mechanisms. These medicines enable effective blood and nutrient circulation to different parts of the body.

There are nine exclusive anti ageing properties ingrained in Ayurvedic medicines. The first herbal formula in Ayurvedic medicines is known for its age-arresting features. Youthful radiance is yet another captivating feature of Ayurved. The Varnaya herbs help restore the skin to its youthful glow and radiance. The Sandhanya herbs help protect the skin from normal wear and tear, while the branropana herbs enable deeper ability heeling of the skin.

The people who have resorted to Ayurvedic treatment to stall the phenomena of ageing have reported extraordinarily brilliant results. The wrinkles thaw away in a fortnight and the skin regains its youthful moisture, rejuvenating your skin and leaving it as fresh as ever.

Traditional Ayurvedic treatment is comprehensive and stringent in its regimen. There is hardly anything that it boasts of but doesn’t fulfil. For all the people grappling with ageing problems, Ayurvedic medicines can definitely be a treat for you!

Sunscreen is one of the best anti ageing solution

We would love to slather our skins with the best creams retailed in the market just with the wish to reverse the signs of getting older. To achieve a younger looking skin we go steps forward to schedule spa treatments every fortnight that could cost us a fortune, for which we do not deter or even blink an eye. We love to pamper our skins with the best of skincare products without even realising how far we are when it comes to truly obtaining the benefits.

With premature aging as one of the major concerns for women hitting their 30s and over, the market is offering a spread of the some of the best anti ageing serums for use. We, however, tend to forget that the best of creams to tackle the aging concern is probably tucked away in our bathroom shelves – a sunscreen lotion.

Studies have indicated that a sunblock cream is one of the most effective to tackle premature aging. It can reduce the process by four to five years in middle age individuals, which means you look four to five years younger and your skin is able to retain its natural glow and firmness. This is not one of those ground-breaking findings as most of us are aware of this fact – we just tend to ignore it.


We are made to believe that we need different anti ageing products, though we may, but if we include a good and effective sunscreen to our daily skincare regime, the results will be astounding. A broad spectrum sunscreen lotion or cream has cosmetic benefits. In a study conducted five years ago, middle-age individuals, both men and women, we asked to apply sunscreen lotions on the exposed areas of their body and to reapply every 2-3 hours when outdoors. The results revealed no visible appearance of fine lines or added wrinkles to the existing.

This is a clear indication that the use of a sunblock lotion daily can help stall the premature aging process. It acts as a potent line of defense against cell-damaging free radicals that are responsible for appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, due to the high concentration of antioxidants in such creams.

Ways to Nourish the Skin

Moisturising daily has its long lasting and positive effects on the skin and if done using natural home-made ingredients the benefits are doubled. Here are a few beauty tips that are sure to packs a punch resulting in a much desired complexion and glow.

Your skin needs protein that are building blocks of cells encouraging rapid repair and recovery of damaged cells and hence, the epidermis. Using home-available ingredients that replenish and leaves a refreshing feel means you feel fresh and confident to take on the daily chores and other activities (home or work related). Using the knowledge, tips and consultation of professionals with a certification in beauty training and dietician course it equally essential, if you are faced with deeper and acute skin concerns, however, with many natural ways to get the results for a mild concern, one need not spend time, effort and money on consultation.

beauty school

A beauty school is for those who want to step into the beauty industry niche and make a career in it. However, one need not have to enrol in a beauty academy to learn the basics of beauty. As mentioned earlier, if you take a closer look at your kitchen shelves, there are many ingredients packed with nutrients and potent properties that can help treat skin related ailments most naturally, effectively and without the fear of side effect haunting you all night or waking up to a large zit on your face.

Nourishment of the skin can be done in many natural ways. One is applying a protein-packed paste made of gram flour mixed with milk (protein element) and lime juice (natural bleach). This is probably one of the oldest known remedy to man. People have used this pack for centuries to help treat blemishes and brighten complexion. Another great natural pack to use is fuller earth. It has natural clay properties that soak excess oil on the surface, lending an oil-free effect while cooling and nourishing the skin and balancing the PH value, naturally.

Cosmetic products: a great range to choose from

Unlike earlier when there were a few skin whitening creams available, nowadays, markets are full of a good range of cosmetic products wherein it grants freedom to flaunt looks and look in the very same as intended. Be it a girl of sixteen or a lady in her late 30s, there are skin whitening creams for almost every age group and age bracket respectively. The same is applicable with facial and facial bleach. Contrary to earlier times, when there hardly a few women who actually were aware of facial bleach, nowadays, with excess exposure and familiarity about diversified things, it’s a must in every girl’s preference list.

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But be it a skin whitening cream; make sure that instead of randomly picking up anything from market, you stick to the ones that’s actually good. Whenever you will checkout, you will come across a myriad of options to choose from and now it’s your responsibility to check out ingredients so that you do not end up regretting about it. Say for instance: prior to purchasing a under eye skin cream, you need to consider each and every loophole as skin under eye is very sensitive and buying anything for such sensitive skin area, you can’t compromise in any way.


Besides investing in these facials bleach creams or any other sort of cosmetic product, you need to make sure that you are on a healthy diet as well. Drink as much water as you can. Water is one of the magical remedies against countless issues. No matter you have dark circles or you are fed up with skin patches or blemishes, water is such a magical remedies that work magically against severe concerns. Besides water, nothing can replace importance of veggies and healthy diet.

Tarantism-Dance-Cum-Weight Shed Healthy Technique

Though majority of us claims not to have any problems with our ‘extra-large’ figure, but to be honest, this is something that hurts masses in one way or the other. After all, no one wants to gets personal remarks. Above all, there are many people, who because of their weight becomes the ‘mocking’ target amid people. Though there are many slimming solutions available, not every health regimen guarantees to enable an individual to lose desired weight and flaunt their looks.

Well…leaving aside all this, ‘Tarantism’ is something that would enable you to lose desired weight. It’s a valid guess, majority of you are likely to think, what this term connotes to. ‘Tarantism’ the overpowering impulse to dance, might be the perfect solution to lose weight. This is something that doesn’t demand much and above all, do not backfire in any way.

Tarantism dance a slimming solution

On one hand you will enjoy dancing your heart loud and conversely, will be able to shed unwanted fat. The best part is of following ‘Tarantism’ is that you won’t need to hit the gym and work your lungs out, still enjoy flexibility of shedding as much weight as you wanted.

If you are someone who think that just because you are in your late 30s or 40s, this ‘tarantism’ exercises is not for you. It’s very much for you and would enable you to enjoy flexibilities of this enjoyment-cum-weight loss session. You do not necessarily need to hit the beauty of nature funda, wherein you must be amid quintessential beauty of nature in order to try out this exercise. You can conveniently do it at home and bmi calculator is always there to keep a check over body mass index. So, all those out there, who have been struggling a lot because of their weight, can try out this and enjoy its magical results within few days.