Say Goodbye to Brittle Hair and Skin through VLCC Extensive Care Products

Your skin and your hair are the most arresting features of your existential being. The tone, color and the quality of your hair and skin can either make you, or break you. While the dreadful pollution and the erratic weather conditions are adamant on making your hair and skin look dull and blotchy, there exists a pressing need to get it remedied before the elements can practically break them. VLCC’s hair color and facial remedies offer much more than that.

hair products

VLCC’s Henna Hair colour solution is a growth remedy. It amplifies your hair’s volume and strength by protecting it from the daily damage. Hair shedding becomes scarce, and the cuticles stronger. Unlike other hair color that makes your hair vulnerable to a stock of chemicals and cause more damage than good in the long run, henna hair color solution serves as a conditioner. It smoothens out the dead ends and polishes that seemingly brittle look. It promotes growth and ensures that you never have to bid goodbye to those daily fallen strands of hair. VLCC’s henna hair color can surely serve as the panacea to all your hair problems.

If there is anything that is equally, if not more important, than those gorgeous hair, then it has to be the texture and the quality of your skin. Your skin is a mirror; it reflects your inner health and goodness as much it reflects your outer regimen. At VLCC, we have a truckload of facials therapies that come loaded with exfoliating luxuries. The right way to cuddle your skin is by rejuvenating it through VLCC’s comprehensive suite of facial therapies. The anti tan facial kit takes care of your tanning fears as much as the Fruit Facial Single Kit does; Diamond Facial kit and the Di-pigmentation kit provide a soothing experience to your skin by eliminating the stress. It lets your skin breathe, more freely than ever!


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