How to become a nutritionist?

Are you a health freak? Does filling your body with junk and processed food sounds insane and you wonder how can anyone do that? Are you good at helping friends achieve their diet goals? Perhaps you belong in this regime.

Lifestyle changes have rendered our eating habits rotten and uncouth. We have forgotten the time when there was more to food than just taste. Besides, unavailability of quality food items is another problem. This is giving rise to most of the medical problems we see.

course in nutrition

And there is not only an increasing demand and high scope for a nutritionist but it is one of those unconventional fields where you can take back a fat check and still get the satisfaction of helping others. Whatever your motivation is, you would be amazed at entering the field and exploring a world of opportunities.

Where to start?

This is a field that needs fair medical knowledge and a close understanding of human anatomy. So just knowing about food won’t do. The best you can do is, start off by enrolling yourself in a course in nutrition.

How to select the best institutes?

This is one of the most important decisions you would make for your career. Start off with making a list of top names in the field. While doing this, you will pick up a lot of knowledge about other things as well. Now consider the reputation that follows each brand. Who is more likely to get you recognition amid employers? Next, take a look at the curriculum and certifications, by now you would be able to shortlist two or three names. Also, consider the variety of courses they offer, related to the field. You would find many institutes offering cosmetology, aesthetic and beauty courses as well.

Finally, take a visit to the last few names in your list. Ask or their brochure which enlist placement details and alumni testimonials. Join the one which feels right and has qualified through your research.    


Spectrum of Jobs of a Makeup Artist

Esthetic Makeup Artist

In addition to the basic grooming such as cutting and styling, a cosmetology curriculum includes various training programs such as applying makeup and several skin care methodology. Mostly the makeup artists are available in a spa or a salon engrossed in personal care services, there are many places beyond these where their services are needed. You can look for them in a departmental store, health product store or personal care retailer where these experts in spa courses and other beauty schools help the customers guide through by educating them about multitudes of products, tips to apply these and other techniques.  You are also likely to find several makeup artists in the medical field providing with necessary information on post-birthing cosmetics to new mothers to carrying out beauty services at home.

Beauty school

Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists

Everyone from a regular office goer to a protagonist on your favorite prime time show require the services of professionals from renowned beauty school to look their best during the TV broadcast. In television, theatre and films cosmetics play an imperative role in development of the character as needed by the script and role. Working in an entertainment industry for any one is a matter of privilege and respect and the contribution of various makeup artists behind the scenes is beyond comprehension. With such adulation comes a good pay which is no less than cherry on the cake.

-Cosmetic Promotional Coordinator

Apart from working in the environment of a salon the beauty school graduates can also work in retail cosmetic sales as a cosmetic promotional coordinator. Working as a link between the retailer and account executive, these coordinators monitor and achieve the sale goals by organizing big promotional events in a strategic geographical location. The function of these coordinators is to create a buzz about the product through product launches and seasonal promotions by including exalting visual merchandizing and public relations outreach. While performing the duties of a promotional coordinator a makeup artist hires a team and educates them about the product including the sales people. These technical abilities of  makeup artist are highly rewarding.

Two tone hair styling in vogue

It’s good to keep experimenting and add-in pinch of perfection to style statement often, but when it comes to hair styling, not every experiment bit turns out super flawless. At times, things turn upside down. So, if you want to spell charming looks, be conscious while choosing hair colour and as while getting a facials at beauty parlour. Markets are flooded with a diversified range of hair colours so be wise while choosing one from countless of options to choose from. After all, compromising with good looks would be the last thing to wish for.

hair colour

Though many hair styles are there and keeps on changing depending on vogue, however you should be super-sure to what you are doing with hair. Its observed that two tone hair colour is in vogue and is hitting priority list of many these days. Also known as ombre colouring, you can check this out. Many mistake of messing this style with highlights, it has nothing to do with the same.

So those who are planning to go with vogue, its advised to consider the below mentioned things:

  • Instead of finalizing two shades randomly and welcome a fashion disaster, it’s good to go with shades of the same family.
  • Usually, the top half is coloured with lighter and the bottom half with darker shade. So instead of following the conventional style, you can do the vice-versa to it. You will feel good and look different.
  • If you are a new bie, fret not! Instead of preferring any random shade and pattern, seek a professional’s advice and will be able to add-in perfection to your looks.

Lose Weight Naturally

Putting on weight is no less than a dreaded dream for all the people around. Apart from various physical factors which lead to weight gain there are some biological and hereditary causes which influence the body weight mechanism. In a world where good appearance is the key to success being overweight is a curse, it is not alone your looks which suffer the blow it is your health which is most effected.

Weight reduction is not an overnight phenomenon but requires commitment and dedication for days and months. Obese people are most at risk when it comes to health issues. Various health problems which weigh an overweight individual down include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart diseases due to blockage in arteries, type 2 diabetes and gallstones. You might be able to compensate with your communication and skills for your dull appearance but compensating for your health is beyond any option.

Weight loss diet is the most effective way to combat weight issues. Here are some tips when coupled with a healthy diet as suggested by a dietician give out miraculous results:

lose weight naturally

  • Never skip your breakfast. You might think how eating helps in weight reduction? To answer this avoiding breakfast often leads to an over-indulgence during the following meals. A high-fiber and nutritious diet is not only a sumptuous meal but is a must have for the rest of the day.
  • Spices set your metabolism in action. Including spices such as cinnamon, ginger, mustard kick starts the metabolism. A good metabolic rate influences your weight loss diet as well.
  • Control your sweet wishes. It is to say that avoid sugar intake in your diet. Apart from the conventional warnings you hear about weight gain from sweets, there is a biological reason to it which is insulin released by the high blood sugars order your body to store fat. Hence weight gain.
  • Green Tea is a must. Consuming green tea after every meal speeds up the process of conversion fat into energies.

Beauty benefits of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a common cliché that has been repeated to the verge of redundancy and yet even today it holds god. Your mother insisting you to eat the fruit raw and with its skin on was indeed a wise advice. Most of us are more or less aware of the numerous health advantages of this wonder fruit. But did you know it is also power packed with numerous beauty benefits?

dietician course

The beautician course experts say so. You may find it unbelievable but it is certainly not unreasonable. The presence of various vital nutrients makes it extremely beneficial for your health, skin and hair. And surprisingly the best way to reap all its wonderful benefits is by taking a deep bite into the crunchy, unpeeled fruit. It not only satiates your sweet tooth, gives you a fuller feeling but is one of the tastiest fruits in my opinion. Moreover with all these benefit it will be the favourite fruit of both your beautician and dietician course experts.

So, enlisted are a few benefits of this wonderful fruit.

Glowing and fairer skin

Amid other nutrients, it also has a high content of collagen and elastic. These are the basic building block of skin and hence eating a fresh apple everyday helps in giving a healthy and glowing skin.


Beautician course experts use it topically for its hydration and cleansing properties. Just cut a slice of apple and rub it on clean dry skin until it dries off. This will balance the oil production of your body and give you a clear and hydrated skin.

Anti-ageing effect

Apple is rich in flavonoids and anti-oxidants which help delay signs of ageing. Besides consuming the fruit daily you can grate an apple and apply it on your face. Its juice helps lift skin and gently cleanses it. Gently rub this and leave on for 20 minutes, then wash with tap water.

These are not all the benefits of it. so just eat an apple every day to keep your skin hair and body healthy.

Live Healthy, Eat Well

Today, fitness is closely related with a lean and curvaceous body. Every woman secretly wishes for that perfectly sculpted figure without the flabs. Love handles are no longer cute and the chubby double chin is out of trend. The carelessly accumulated fat has long become undesirable and now you can’t help but hope that one day you could just wish it away. Wearing tight cloths is no longer an option. You have switched from roadside pickups to branded and tailored clothes. And your confidence level drops even lower when you asses yourself in the mirror after getting ready. The plight of the obese is not uncommon.

And sadly, all this is accountable to a few bad habits deeply impressed, ever since. You swear, you loathe, you buck-up and retreat, but bad habits are hard to get rid of. You may torture yourself into submission for a while but somehow a few irregularities seep in. The result is, the obstinate needle of the weighing machine refuses to budge to the left. The question remains unanswered – how to reduce weight?

reduce weight and manage with bmi

So, in an attempt to make the feeblest change in my regime that lasts longer than a whiff I came across these tips. I would say the difference in terms of lbs. and BMI calculator isn’t tremendous but I do feel livelier, healthier and lighter. It does give me the energy to push down my limits when I work-out and fight lethargy. Also, though mid-meal cravings refuse to let me be, I have successfully abstained from odd hour comfort food.

So here it goes.

  • Avoid black tea and coffee and choose green tea instead. There are other refreshing options as well like lime water, nettle, coconut water etc. but stop putting in caffeine and nicotine in your system.
  • Drink water. Lots and lots of it. Though one thing worth mentioning is, drink it at room temperature, neither hot nor cold. It cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated.
  • Drink fresh juices at least one glass each day. Rich in fibre and nutrients, it keeps you healthy and energetic.
  • Avoid processed food. At least this much is obligatory if you call yourself on any kind of a diet.
  • Try to choose organically grown food and vegetables over your regular choice.