Live Healthy, Eat Well

Today, fitness is closely related with a lean and curvaceous body. Every woman secretly wishes for that perfectly sculpted figure without the flabs. Love handles are no longer cute and the chubby double chin is out of trend. The carelessly accumulated fat has long become undesirable and now you can’t help but hope that one day you could just wish it away. Wearing tight cloths is no longer an option. You have switched from roadside pickups to branded and tailored clothes. And your confidence level drops even lower when you asses yourself in the mirror after getting ready. The plight of the obese is not uncommon.

And sadly, all this is accountable to a few bad habits deeply impressed, ever since. You swear, you loathe, you buck-up and retreat, but bad habits are hard to get rid of. You may torture yourself into submission for a while but somehow a few irregularities seep in. The result is, the obstinate needle of the weighing machine refuses to budge to the left. The question remains unanswered – how to reduce weight?

reduce weight and manage with bmi

So, in an attempt to make the feeblest change in my regime that lasts longer than a whiff I came across these tips. I would say the difference in terms of lbs. and BMI calculator isn’t tremendous but I do feel livelier, healthier and lighter. It does give me the energy to push down my limits when I work-out and fight lethargy. Also, though mid-meal cravings refuse to let me be, I have successfully abstained from odd hour comfort food.

So here it goes.

  • Avoid black tea and coffee and choose green tea instead. There are other refreshing options as well like lime water, nettle, coconut water etc. but stop putting in caffeine and nicotine in your system.
  • Drink water. Lots and lots of it. Though one thing worth mentioning is, drink it at room temperature, neither hot nor cold. It cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated.
  • Drink fresh juices at least one glass each day. Rich in fibre and nutrients, it keeps you healthy and energetic.
  • Avoid processed food. At least this much is obligatory if you call yourself on any kind of a diet.
  • Try to choose organically grown food and vegetables over your regular choice.

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