Wellness Industry: Throwing new chances our way

Most students take up college without really thinking of what they are keen on. The choice of graduation degree often varies greatly from what their real interests are. Either due to parental pressure or confusion, most of us end up in curses we have no idea about, it is only later that we realize how things are shaping up for us.

However, unlike the gen x, who had little access to education and no options whatsoever, we are far better placed. With innovative and unusual career choices– the likes of spa courses and shopping behaviour experts– coming our way, we are free to make a choice at almost any level.

spa courses

So, are you a science major and attracted to the wellness industry? Then all is not lost. With numerous post graduate specializations such as spa courses, dietician courses, cosmetologists etc. you can still make use of your college degree—it being the prerequisite for such courses—and chase your dreams.

The merger of beauty with wellness has opened new doors for the intellectual. The growing industry needs researchers, IT professionals, marketing professionals, sales person, HR’s and everything that a full-fledged business could use up. Though, if you are interested in a more direct job, your science degree can help you become a nutritionist right after you finish a dietician course.

What is it?

The fitness buzz is no news. Almost 60% of the customer base of this industry is enrolled in some sort of a fitness program and a balanced diet is the square one for any such attempt. From a medical perspective, you will analyse people’s health, fitness level and lifestyle to suggest feasible adaptations and lifestyle changes for a fitter and more beautiful self.

Sounds noble work, isn’t it?

Well, it also pays incredibly well, especially over years to seasones advisers. You can be hored by the top-names in the industry like VLCC, Kaya, Dr Batra’s etc. and go on to make your own name. there is certainly no dearth of options.


Is It About Dabbing a Bucket Full of Make Up?

It’s been a common observation that our Indian women are not really fond of the bling and shimmers, in comparison to their counterparts. It’s not that they do not apply makeup or avoid visiting to a beauty parlour, but yes, not the way in comparison to their counterparts. According to one of the professional artists, many of my clients are interested in makeup, but for some odd reason they entertain conventional mindset that application of excess makeup is likely to harm their skin, which has nothing to do with reality. There’s nothing to put on a mental block with makeup. It’s no stone carved rule that application of makeup is likely to affect the skin in the long run. It indeed rewards an individual to look the way as she intends to.

ayurvedic treatments for acne

But yes, the only piece of advice is instead of getting makeup done by any ‘so-called’ artists and later regretting in the future; keep a check over what products are you applying on your skin. One-trick-suits all thing do not have a right approach. This is where the major difference lies in. If you happen to use any random makeup product, things are likely to worsen and later, the only solution left would be to resort to different skin or acne treatments.

So what can be done is get in touch to a professional artists, who initially checks the skin type and latter recommend products in conjunction to the same. Not everyone is blessed with the same skin type; some has dry skin, whereas others have oily skin texture. Though it do not makes much difference in a lay man’s term, but surely leave terrible consequences, if neglected in any way. A few cosmetic products such as concealer, blusher, beige colour lip shade, mascara are a few ‘must-have’ of a girl’s makeup kit. So, if you happen to be using any random cosmetics by now, get in touch with a professional and things are likely to make you observe magical difference.

Flaunt flawless looks without splurging in excess

Though heading to a parlour of repute for spa or acne treatments is all time recommended, however it’s difficult to go to a spa centre every fortnight. This does not mean that one has to compromise with her looks in any way. At times, nothing is better than kicking back heels and whipping some marvellous and effective skin whitening masks at home. Might sound daunting to some, but and endows with magical results as well.

skin whitening

Enlisted are a few skin whitening and homemade remedies that will make you flaunt healthy skin and maintain the facial rejuvenation:

  • Lemon and papaya mask: as simple as it sounds, just crush papaya, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply it evenly. It would be great to leave the mixture for around 35-40 minutes to let it dry and then rinse it off. Post applying this homemade mask, do not forget to apply moisturizer from your facial kit as it smoothens skin in best way.
  • Honey and almond mask: soak almonds overnight, now grind it well, once grinded and whipped aptly, add in a few drops of honey and you’ll observe magical difference within a few hours.
  • Oatmeal scrubbing: one of the most common and highly preferred amid home makers, this one endows with effective results and the best part is that its apt for all skin types. So now is the time to grind oats, add raw milk and use it as a scrub, instead of hopping to one store from the other in search of a good quality of scrubber.

Milk bath: well, this would be as relaxing as it sounds. This legendary treatment is a hub house of advantageous results which will make you feel flawless.