Ayurvedic Tips for a Glowing Skin

Who wouldn’t love to flaunt a beautiful and fair skin?! However owing to the growing pollution levels and other environmental factors it has become almost impossible to achieve that look. While many of us fall for those ever-expensive cosmetic products for acne removal treatment and other skin problems, we mostly tend to ignore the benefits our skin can enjoy from various ayurvedic treatments.

Here are some ayurvedic tips to help to achieve that flawless look and skin:

  • Watch-out for what you eat and drink

Include legumes, walnut, walnut, tomato and pomegranate in your diet to provide nourishment to your skin. Maintain the glow of your skin by making sure that you drink a lot of water, fibrous food and good fat.

drinking water a ayurvedic tips for skin care

Going by traditional ayurvedic massage and therapies along with other researches adding seeds and nuts to the diet improves the glow and texture of your skin. Also it is important to note that nuts and seeds are an ideal food especially when they are rich in Omega-3s and fibre.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best ways to purify it. Also consuming cooling food like mint and cardamom also helps in achieving a perfect-looking skin.

  • Getting Enough Sleep

The day’s hard work should be well rewarded with enough sleep. Giving your body adequate not only facilitates the functions of the body but also provides you with a natural-looking young skin. An individual subjected to less sleep is sure to suffer from fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Apart from this it is a chemical-free acne removal treatment.

  • Skin Conditioning

The importance of skin conditioning and keeping it moisturized can be well understood from the variety of cosmetics available in the market which guarantee skin moisturizing. Ayurveda provides an alternate and herbal product for it. Mix honey with your regular cream and apply it to your skin. Keep it for 5 minutes and remove it with the help of a cotton ball.


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