Using the right face wash!

If there is one indispensable item that occupies space in every man’s/woman’s handbag, then it’s a face wash. A face wash is inherently crucial part of your facial care. It takes charge of your face cleansing needs totally in its hands. The adamant pollution leaves no stone unturned in leaving your skin fragile and dull. In such a scenario, a face wash for healthy skin, and a mild shampoo for hair care is a dire necessity.

face wash

Choosing a face wash, however, is as good as handling a dilemma. Face washes of all brands promise ‘exfoliating’ and ‘rejuvenating’ features, yet only a few of them live up to the respective meanings of the words. While many face washes that have ‘exfoliating’ beads dispersed in the liquid wash claim to be selling the best product, the truth is that beads in a face wash are not suitable for everyday use. Beads produce a scrubbing effect, and scrubbing is something that should be done only periodically. The beads can be rather brutal to your skin, and instead of providing a ‘rejuvenating’ experience, might totally rob your skin off all its charm.

If you are one of those who are battling acne, be wary of the kind of face wash you allow your skin to caress. Acne is a problem to deal with, and using a face wash that has salicylic acid in it can help cure your acne. Consulting a dermatologist is always safe in such cases, yet if there is a face wash that you would like to use, go for specific types that that does not clog pores.

There are certain face washes that leave your skin tingling with itch and rash. In case you are fighting the menaces of a sensitive skin, go for mild face washes that have only a few ingredients to it.

Depending upon your skin type there are a stockpile of face washes in the market. Before making a grab at any random face wash, analyze your skin type and the facial care that would suit it the best.