Making a career in beauty industry

The ability to beautify is a rare talent, and the artists so gifted often enjoy name and fame in the public domain. Artists, craftsmen, photographers etc. are celebrated for their ability. However, this was not quite applicable to beauticians–even though the nature of work was almost similar—until lately.

Contemporarily, this line of work has started receiving its due credence and respect. Today, it offers the right blend of glamour, money and success to those who have the skill to succeed. So if this unconventional and glamourous field appeals to you, you are lucky to be born in this age. The industry is recession proof, proliferating and expanding. There is no dearth of professional beauty academies as well which will give the fresh talent a platform to begin their journey. But before you start off, here is what to expect.

course in beauty


The term beautician is self-explanatory as well as ambiguous. While it hints on the general nature of the job in this sector, there are several portfolios within it to gain specialization. The field has grown enormously, so has the competition and need for excellence. So you will have to choose a few areas of specializations and master them completely. Basically, you can do anything from taking a course in nutrition to be a bridal style expert.

New Vistas

The traditional fields of hairdressing and makeup artists have branched further into speciality portfolios like hair health and bridal special. So new vistas are constantly being added. You can be a nail artist, specialize on facials and spas or be a stage makeup artist. A wide array of possibilities are open.

Job Opportunities

You can find placement in various arenas from speciality clinics to salons and spa. The opportunities in the cinema and television industry is also quite evident. You can start off as a makeup artist. Entrepreneurship is always an option. After you gain sufficient hands on experience, you can open up your independent brand or start off as a franchise to leading brands.


Flaunt flawless looks without splurging in excess

Though heading to a parlour of repute for spa or acne treatments is all time recommended, however it’s difficult to go to a spa centre every fortnight. This does not mean that one has to compromise with her looks in any way. At times, nothing is better than kicking back heels and whipping some marvellous and effective skin whitening masks at home. Might sound daunting to some, but and endows with magical results as well.

skin whitening

Enlisted are a few skin whitening and homemade remedies that will make you flaunt healthy skin and maintain the facial rejuvenation:

  • Lemon and papaya mask: as simple as it sounds, just crush papaya, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply it evenly. It would be great to leave the mixture for around 35-40 minutes to let it dry and then rinse it off. Post applying this homemade mask, do not forget to apply moisturizer from your facial kit as it smoothens skin in best way.
  • Honey and almond mask: soak almonds overnight, now grind it well, once grinded and whipped aptly, add in a few drops of honey and you’ll observe magical difference within a few hours.
  • Oatmeal scrubbing: one of the most common and highly preferred amid home makers, this one endows with effective results and the best part is that its apt for all skin types. So now is the time to grind oats, add raw milk and use it as a scrub, instead of hopping to one store from the other in search of a good quality of scrubber.

Milk bath: well, this would be as relaxing as it sounds. This legendary treatment is a hub house of advantageous results which will make you feel flawless.

Cosmetic products: a great range to choose from

Unlike earlier when there were a few skin whitening creams available, nowadays, markets are full of a good range of cosmetic products wherein it grants freedom to flaunt looks and look in the very same as intended. Be it a girl of sixteen or a lady in her late 30s, there are skin whitening creams for almost every age group and age bracket respectively. The same is applicable with facial and facial bleach. Contrary to earlier times, when there hardly a few women who actually were aware of facial bleach, nowadays, with excess exposure and familiarity about diversified things, it’s a must in every girl’s preference list.

skin whitening

But be it a skin whitening cream; make sure that instead of randomly picking up anything from market, you stick to the ones that’s actually good. Whenever you will checkout, you will come across a myriad of options to choose from and now it’s your responsibility to check out ingredients so that you do not end up regretting about it. Say for instance: prior to purchasing a under eye skin cream, you need to consider each and every loophole as skin under eye is very sensitive and buying anything for such sensitive skin area, you can’t compromise in any way.


Besides investing in these facials bleach creams or any other sort of cosmetic product, you need to make sure that you are on a healthy diet as well. Drink as much water as you can. Water is one of the magical remedies against countless issues. No matter you have dark circles or you are fed up with skin patches or blemishes, water is such a magical remedies that work magically against severe concerns. Besides water, nothing can replace importance of veggies and healthy diet.

The story behind skin lighteners

Skin whitening products likewise called lightening creams, brighteners, or spot faders that employ formulas to reduce a skin pigment called melanin are popular choices. Lots of people who use lighteners do so to care for skin-related issues such as acne marks, age spots, or discoloration associated with hormones. It is additionally a method made use of to lighten dark skin, naturally.

Creams, Facials and Bleaches do possess some risks, just like any other product, hence, make sure to read the tag and understand the facts before you buy one and apply it.



Skin whitening is an aesthetic therapy to reduce prominent skin marks or even out the colour of the skin. You can acquire lightening lotions over-the-counter and by prescription.

Some folks use skin and facial bleach or an effective lightener to their entire body to alter the colour, but this can be very risky. The active component in certain cream bleaches contain mercury, so whitening can possibly bring about mercury poisoning.

Mercury is a poisonous component that can trigger significant psychological, neurological, and renal issues. Expectant ladies that use skin lighteners with mercury could pass the mercury to their expected child, which is detrimental. The use of mercury as an element in lightener creams is outlawed in certain countries. However; some products manufactured may still include mercury.

Reasons for lightening creams to have an active substance or a combination of components that minimizes the quantity of melanin in the skin where it is used is the only way to tackle the concern. In the States, one of the most extensively utilized active ingredients in such lightening products sold is hydroquinone. Despite moderation, there are over-the-counter products that can consist of up to two percent hydroquinone stilled retailed. And not to forget that there are dermatologists who can create prescriptions for lighteners with up to four percent hydroquinone.

It is necessary to contact your physician just before using a product which contains hydroquinone and to comply with the medical professional’s instructions specifically. Various other items utilize medicines such as steroids and retinoic acid, which originates from vitamin A, as active substances and some use all-natural elements which are found in different plants. If possible, use natural based products which are chemical and paraben free.

Tips to care for oily and dry skin types

If you want flawless and fairer complexion, it is very important to take care of various aspects of your face care routine. As there are numerous points to cover, I have categorised this short blog using various sub headings for the ease of readers. Feel free to read the part that is relevant to you.

Different complexions have different needs and encounter various problems. It is essential to determine your skin type and then take facial bleach and required action.

facial bleach

Beauty ideas for oily skin

This is the most frustrating of skin types. The difficulties are aplenty, yet when taken care of well, you could end up with natural glowing complexion that is appealing and gorgeous.
Common snags

  • Coarse skin with apparently larger pores because of the over manufacturing of oils gives out a shiny and oily sheen.
  • Appearance of pimples and acne marks, blackheads, white heads and dark spots.
  • Simple suggestions
  • Stick with a healthy diet plan which includes lots of raw veggies and fruits avoiding oily and fast food.
  • Ensure your face is clean all day long. Use a natural facial kit once a week to help exfoliate and remove excess oils and prevent acne.

Beauty ideas for dry skin

If you think that oily skin is a discomfort, and then permit us tell you that having completely dry skin isn’t great either. Dry skin can be really unbearable particularly in winters and harsh low temperature levels giving extreme pain and an unpleasant look when not taken care of properly.

Common snags

  • Dry skin typically appears to have great structure with dullness. A closer look and you will notice some flaky or granulated  sections particularly near the lips, eyes, and forehead.
  •  If overlooked it will certainly develop creases and cause pre-mature aging making you look older than you are.
  •  Simple suggestions
  • Do not use warm water during a bath. In winters try using lukewarm water on the body but avoid it on the face.
  • Never ever leave the shower without using a hydrating moisturizer.
  • Tap dry your skin after a shower with a soft towel.

Avoid those dull looks, try natural bleach for radiant look

facial bleachIt has been seen that homemade facial bleach has always won over every girl’s preference list. The simple reason behind is that no matter what is the skin texture, it doesn’t affect skin in any which way, which otherwise is the biggest problem for a girl. This is an unhidden fact that with age it’s not just our complexion but skin tends to lose its radiance and here’s where facial bleach and that too a natural one comes to rescue. It helps in retaining radiance of an individual’s skin and also helps in avoiding those dull looks.

In order to get rectified, there are a few women who spend countless bucks to enjoy instant results and there are other few who prefer applying these natural facial bleach kits and get rid of all sorts of issues. The only thing is that if you will try these facial kit on a daily basis then only, you can expect to enjoy flawless results otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy privileges of flawless consequences. The bottom line is that in order to enjoy flawless results of natural stuff, you have to stick to the saying that says patience is virtue. But yes, the good thing is that you can keep a check over all those ingredients that will be used while preparation. If you are allergic to any of the ingrdients, you will have full freedom on avoiding those

Essential benefits and tips for buying right cosmetics

fashwashWith a show-stopping personality, every female desires to look ever stunning. Skin-friendly wide range of cosmetics is available in the market, amongst which a facewash and Kajal are popular choices of women of all age and from all walks of life.

Applying good branded cosmetics have several benefits that are as follows:-

1)      A branded kajal seems to be cost effective, but can be soothing to the eyes if applied at night.

2)      It is best way to highlight and redefine your look creating dramatic-looking eyes.

Cleansing face before usage of makeup is important to have long lasting healthy skin thus removing dead cells. Dirt can affect the wear and tear of the skin tissues resulting to make the skin look dull. To rejuvenate the glowing look a good facewash is essential to reinstate the younger looking skin.

There are certain tips to be considered before applying face cleansers that are as follows:-

1)      Choosing organic face cleanser can add wonders at the same time will be gentler to the skin compared to chemical surfant face cleansers.

2)      The product should be used as per the skin types, as there are many features available as per the requirement.

3)      For deep face cleansing, the face scrubs can work best. However it is recommendable to use it only once or twice in week.

With various products mushrooming in the market, it is important to stick to a few must-haves. Unlike other stuff, even buying cosmetics require attention and here are some of the experts’ tips to follow:-

1)      Checking the shelf life of a product– Unlike other products, even cosmetics are tagged with expiry dates. Checking the manufacturing and expiring date is essential for effective results.

2)      Ask for trials and consultation– only beauty counters can offer you a wide range of products from different brands. Keep the option open for healthy comparisons to gain quality products. The customer service executive can genuinely suggest or give an array of product options, based on your texture and skin type.

3)      Time to groom yourself up with cosmetics– It’s important to preserve make up and cosmetics in a cool and dry place. Keeping them organised will increase their life span and will cause less dirt. A small zipped pouch is advisable to preserve.

Cosmetics do add colour to your persona lending a flawless look that creates a positive reinforcement.