Making a career in beauty industry

The ability to beautify is a rare talent, and the artists so gifted often enjoy name and fame in the public domain. Artists, craftsmen, photographers etc. are celebrated for their ability. However, this was not quite applicable to beauticians–even though the nature of work was almost similar—until lately.

Contemporarily, this line of work has started receiving its due credence and respect. Today, it offers the right blend of glamour, money and success to those who have the skill to succeed. So if this unconventional and glamourous field appeals to you, you are lucky to be born in this age. The industry is recession proof, proliferating and expanding. There is no dearth of professional beauty academies as well which will give the fresh talent a platform to begin their journey. But before you start off, here is what to expect.

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The term beautician is self-explanatory as well as ambiguous. While it hints on the general nature of the job in this sector, there are several portfolios within it to gain specialization. The field has grown enormously, so has the competition and need for excellence. So you will have to choose a few areas of specializations and master them completely. Basically, you can do anything from taking a course in nutrition to be a bridal style expert.

New Vistas

The traditional fields of hairdressing and makeup artists have branched further into speciality portfolios like hair health and bridal special. So new vistas are constantly being added. You can be a nail artist, specialize on facials and spas or be a stage makeup artist. A wide array of possibilities are open.

Job Opportunities

You can find placement in various arenas from speciality clinics to salons and spa. The opportunities in the cinema and television industry is also quite evident. You can start off as a makeup artist. Entrepreneurship is always an option. After you gain sufficient hands on experience, you can open up your independent brand or start off as a franchise to leading brands.


5 foods to pamper your tresses

Whatever happens in our body is a reflexion of how we have treated it, and hair are no different. Stress, sleep deprivation, pollutants, heat treatments, chemicals etc. are the common woes of our hair. Besides, even we are contributing by depriving it of proper nutrition.

So, in order to set things right, we will have to adopt a multi-faceted approach. Along with salon treatments and off-the-shelf products you will also have to work on your daily diet, advices a spa courses treatment expert. For these things to work, you must seek a dietician’s help.

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Here we have enlisted a few foods that are particularly favoured by dietician course experts for hair loss.

Walnuts- this brain shaped nut is loaded with qualities that make it stand out from the rest. Rich in essential oils it strengthens the root and promotes hair growth.

Spinach- loaded with iron and minerals, this green leafy vegetable is the head of all healthy foods. Besides happy hairs, it will also give a happy digestive system, says a dietician course expert.

Halibut- this and other fishes are a rich source of minerals– in this case especially magnesium—the lack of which can cause hair loss. The human body is largely dependent on outside source for such nutrients and the usual junk that we feed on is deprived of any serious nutrient. So, fish can be a delicious alternative, explains an expert on dietician course.

Carrots- Vitamin A is a nutrient that is imperative for the health of many body parts and functions, let alone hair, and carrots are loaded with beta carotene, which is then converted to Vitamin A.

Yogurt- Greek yogurt, hung curd, fat free curd: whichever may be your choice of variant, this is one food that can be had in zillions of ways and is super healthy. Especially for hair, the portions of vitamin D and B5 found in it can be rejuvenating. Besides, you can eat it and apply it as a hair mask for double benefit.

Wellness Industry: Throwing new chances our way

Most students take up college without really thinking of what they are keen on. The choice of graduation degree often varies greatly from what their real interests are. Either due to parental pressure or confusion, most of us end up in curses we have no idea about, it is only later that we realize how things are shaping up for us.

However, unlike the gen x, who had little access to education and no options whatsoever, we are far better placed. With innovative and unusual career choices– the likes of spa courses and shopping behaviour experts– coming our way, we are free to make a choice at almost any level.

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So, are you a science major and attracted to the wellness industry? Then all is not lost. With numerous post graduate specializations such as spa courses, dietician courses, cosmetologists etc. you can still make use of your college degree—it being the prerequisite for such courses—and chase your dreams.

The merger of beauty with wellness has opened new doors for the intellectual. The growing industry needs researchers, IT professionals, marketing professionals, sales person, HR’s and everything that a full-fledged business could use up. Though, if you are interested in a more direct job, your science degree can help you become a nutritionist right after you finish a dietician course.

What is it?

The fitness buzz is no news. Almost 60% of the customer base of this industry is enrolled in some sort of a fitness program and a balanced diet is the square one for any such attempt. From a medical perspective, you will analyse people’s health, fitness level and lifestyle to suggest feasible adaptations and lifestyle changes for a fitter and more beautiful self.

Sounds noble work, isn’t it?

Well, it also pays incredibly well, especially over years to seasones advisers. You can be hored by the top-names in the industry like VLCC, Kaya, Dr Batra’s etc. and go on to make your own name. there is certainly no dearth of options.

Spectrum of Jobs of a Makeup Artist

Esthetic Makeup Artist

In addition to the basic grooming such as cutting and styling, a cosmetology curriculum includes various training programs such as applying makeup and several skin care methodology. Mostly the makeup artists are available in a spa or a salon engrossed in personal care services, there are many places beyond these where their services are needed. You can look for them in a departmental store, health product store or personal care retailer where these experts in spa courses and other beauty schools help the customers guide through by educating them about multitudes of products, tips to apply these and other techniques.  You are also likely to find several makeup artists in the medical field providing with necessary information on post-birthing cosmetics to new mothers to carrying out beauty services at home.

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Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists

Everyone from a regular office goer to a protagonist on your favorite prime time show require the services of professionals from renowned beauty school to look their best during the TV broadcast. In television, theatre and films cosmetics play an imperative role in development of the character as needed by the script and role. Working in an entertainment industry for any one is a matter of privilege and respect and the contribution of various makeup artists behind the scenes is beyond comprehension. With such adulation comes a good pay which is no less than cherry on the cake.

-Cosmetic Promotional Coordinator

Apart from working in the environment of a salon the beauty school graduates can also work in retail cosmetic sales as a cosmetic promotional coordinator. Working as a link between the retailer and account executive, these coordinators monitor and achieve the sale goals by organizing big promotional events in a strategic geographical location. The function of these coordinators is to create a buzz about the product through product launches and seasonal promotions by including exalting visual merchandizing and public relations outreach. While performing the duties of a promotional coordinator a makeup artist hires a team and educates them about the product including the sales people. These technical abilities of  makeup artist are highly rewarding.

Benefits of a spa

Amid the various beauty treatments and cosmetic courses, a spa is the most helpful and organic. A completely natural and holistic treatment can shut the world away as you relax and enjoy. It can give you a vent out session to unwind. So, if you haven’t availed its services, here is why you should start doing it right no

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Read on and you would want to rush to a spa courses expert immediately.

  • It gives you a break from your job, responsibilities and everything that was ringing on your head. You would be thankful that you did it.
  • The right kind of massage on pressure points and joints improve blood circulation. This rejuvenates cells and aid skin cell regeneration that slows down with stress and age.
  • It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which plays an essential role in flushing out waste from cells.
  • Body contouring can also help you keep a sculpted body with soft and glowing skin that you would love to show-off. Beauty school experts have proved that the skin of those is healthier and trouble free who take regular spas.
  • It plays around with your hormones to make you feel good. it is proven that it releases a hormone called serotonin that helps restore your peace of mind and helps you feel rejuvenated.
  • It eases cramps, muscle aches and joint pains and stimulates every part of your skin. Thus, it is a must for fitness freaks, athletes, physical trainers as the calming effect can help you start over your drills with increased stamina and freshness. It eases tissue strains as well.
  • It is also imperative for pregnant women. It is an important part of pre-natal and post-natal care. It helps the tissues to relax and ease child birth and then sculpt back in shape.
  • Body polishes exfoliate and replenishes skin cells helping regeneration and general health.
  • Body wraps are promote blood circulation and return the moisture and minerals lost from the body on a daily basis.