Making a career in beauty industry

The ability to beautify is a rare talent, and the artists so gifted often enjoy name and fame in the public domain. Artists, craftsmen, photographers etc. are celebrated for their ability. However, this was not quite applicable to beauticians–even though the nature of work was almost similar—until lately.

Contemporarily, this line of work has started receiving its due credence and respect. Today, it offers the right blend of glamour, money and success to those who have the skill to succeed. So if this unconventional and glamourous field appeals to you, you are lucky to be born in this age. The industry is recession proof, proliferating and expanding. There is no dearth of professional beauty academies as well which will give the fresh talent a platform to begin their journey. But before you start off, here is what to expect.

course in beauty


The term beautician is self-explanatory as well as ambiguous. While it hints on the general nature of the job in this sector, there are several portfolios within it to gain specialization. The field has grown enormously, so has the competition and need for excellence. So you will have to choose a few areas of specializations and master them completely. Basically, you can do anything from taking a course in nutrition to be a bridal style expert.

New Vistas

The traditional fields of hairdressing and makeup artists have branched further into speciality portfolios like hair health and bridal special. So new vistas are constantly being added. You can be a nail artist, specialize on facials and spas or be a stage makeup artist. A wide array of possibilities are open.

Job Opportunities

You can find placement in various arenas from speciality clinics to salons and spa. The opportunities in the cinema and television industry is also quite evident. You can start off as a makeup artist. Entrepreneurship is always an option. After you gain sufficient hands on experience, you can open up your independent brand or start off as a franchise to leading brands.


Benefits of Using Temporary Hair Colours

Hair colouring has been in trend for long now. There are several people who like to experiment with their looks and so try out different hues in hair to look trendy and presentable. However there are others who feel unsure and hesitate in taking chances and so are comfortable with temporary hair colours which may last from a single wash to 6 weeks. To colour your temporarily you can also use various techniques like spray, gel or cream which are easily available in the market and come in all shades lasting or a short while.

Hair colour

Apart from the colour, the length and texture of your hair also contribute towards the longevity of the colour. The reason behind the temporariness is that these colours don’t penetrate the cortex and only stain the hair. Unlike toners which are a necessary part of the skin care regime, hair shades are a fashionable choice.

After shading away after the first shampoo, it is essential to know how they work:

-Applied on the shaft, these colours coat the cuticle temporarily.

-Since its application is without developer, it fades after away one or two washes.

The decision to get your hair coloured should be a balanced one, wherein you are aware about the related benefits. So here are some known benefits of a temporary hair colour:

-Organic Look

Colouring hair with temporary hues gives them a natural look.  Also because the colour is applied on the existing and original shade without bleaching it so the natural appearance is maintained.

-Convenient to use

These colours are ready to use and are not mixed with the developer. Therefore these are easy to use and are directly applied using an applier.

-Takes care of the hair quality

Temporary colours generally are ammonia-free and so don’t affect the quality and texture of your natural hair.

-A thicker appearance

The addition of extra layer of colour to the hair results in an increase in the over-all volume.

Flaunt flawless looks without splurging in excess

Though heading to a parlour of repute for spa or acne treatments is all time recommended, however it’s difficult to go to a spa centre every fortnight. This does not mean that one has to compromise with her looks in any way. At times, nothing is better than kicking back heels and whipping some marvellous and effective skin whitening masks at home. Might sound daunting to some, but and endows with magical results as well.

skin whitening

Enlisted are a few skin whitening and homemade remedies that will make you flaunt healthy skin and maintain the facial rejuvenation:

  • Lemon and papaya mask: as simple as it sounds, just crush papaya, add a few drops of lemon juice and apply it evenly. It would be great to leave the mixture for around 35-40 minutes to let it dry and then rinse it off. Post applying this homemade mask, do not forget to apply moisturizer from your facial kit as it smoothens skin in best way.
  • Honey and almond mask: soak almonds overnight, now grind it well, once grinded and whipped aptly, add in a few drops of honey and you’ll observe magical difference within a few hours.
  • Oatmeal scrubbing: one of the most common and highly preferred amid home makers, this one endows with effective results and the best part is that its apt for all skin types. So now is the time to grind oats, add raw milk and use it as a scrub, instead of hopping to one store from the other in search of a good quality of scrubber.

Milk bath: well, this would be as relaxing as it sounds. This legendary treatment is a hub house of advantageous results which will make you feel flawless.

Weight Reduction with Low Carb Diet

Fats and calories are a taboo in the world of fitness and weight-loss. These are reminiscent of gourmet food against the contrasting hunger pangs, but anyways an abstinence. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why diet plans are a sure shot recipe for failure. You cannot sustain a diet by starving yourself. As you try to contain yourself from eating calorie rich food it is bound to backfire in the long run. Nothing works like lose weight on the go, but controlling the quality instead of quantity of your intake can make things easier. On the other hand, healthy living is a habit pretty addictive in nature. So chances are, if you start doing it right, it would come to you as a natural habit and not as an effort.

low carb diet to lose weight

The first step to a viable weight reduction plan is to choose a course that doesn’t needs you to go hungry. Aligning your eating habits with a low carb diet instead of low fat, can be a simple but effective change on these lines. Cut down your carb consumption ruthlessly but never stay hungry. Manage the insulin level as well. Adopting a low sugar low carb diet will put your body on autopilot to burn fat instead of calories. And wasn’t that the agenda all along?

Instead of unquenched appetite and controlling mid meal cravings, you can now eat heaps by carefully choosing what you put on your plate. Weight reduction is evident even as the first week passes, especially if you are new to dieting—the more you have to lose, the faster it happens. The ideal meal should have one protein, one fat and one portion of other essentials. A piece of roasted meat or boiled egg, carb free veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, etc. prepared in one of the saturated fat forms, namely olive oil, zero cholesterol refined oil, sunflower oil etc. and have a big bowl full of salads. A simple online search will give you truckloads of options easily found in your kitchen that are low on carbohydrates.

So, you are good to go with this. Also incorporate a cheat meal once a week to keep your body attuned to digesting carbs. This will help you retain your shape, should you eat normally for a while.

Using the right face wash!

If there is one indispensable item that occupies space in every man’s/woman’s handbag, then it’s a face wash. A face wash is inherently crucial part of your facial care. It takes charge of your face cleansing needs totally in its hands. The adamant pollution leaves no stone unturned in leaving your skin fragile and dull. In such a scenario, a face wash for healthy skin, and a mild shampoo for hair care is a dire necessity.

face wash

Choosing a face wash, however, is as good as handling a dilemma. Face washes of all brands promise ‘exfoliating’ and ‘rejuvenating’ features, yet only a few of them live up to the respective meanings of the words. While many face washes that have ‘exfoliating’ beads dispersed in the liquid wash claim to be selling the best product, the truth is that beads in a face wash are not suitable for everyday use. Beads produce a scrubbing effect, and scrubbing is something that should be done only periodically. The beads can be rather brutal to your skin, and instead of providing a ‘rejuvenating’ experience, might totally rob your skin off all its charm.

If you are one of those who are battling acne, be wary of the kind of face wash you allow your skin to caress. Acne is a problem to deal with, and using a face wash that has salicylic acid in it can help cure your acne. Consulting a dermatologist is always safe in such cases, yet if there is a face wash that you would like to use, go for specific types that that does not clog pores.

There are certain face washes that leave your skin tingling with itch and rash. In case you are fighting the menaces of a sensitive skin, go for mild face washes that have only a few ingredients to it.

Depending upon your skin type there are a stockpile of face washes in the market. Before making a grab at any random face wash, analyze your skin type and the facial care that would suit it the best.

Say Goodbye to Brittle Hair and Skin through VLCC Extensive Care Products

Your skin and your hair are the most arresting features of your existential being. The tone, color and the quality of your hair and skin can either make you, or break you. While the dreadful pollution and the erratic weather conditions are adamant on making your hair and skin look dull and blotchy, there exists a pressing need to get it remedied before the elements can practically break them. VLCC’s hair color and facial remedies offer much more than that.

hair products

VLCC’s Henna Hair colour solution is a growth remedy. It amplifies your hair’s volume and strength by protecting it from the daily damage. Hair shedding becomes scarce, and the cuticles stronger. Unlike other hair color that makes your hair vulnerable to a stock of chemicals and cause more damage than good in the long run, henna hair color solution serves as a conditioner. It smoothens out the dead ends and polishes that seemingly brittle look. It promotes growth and ensures that you never have to bid goodbye to those daily fallen strands of hair. VLCC’s henna hair color can surely serve as the panacea to all your hair problems.

If there is anything that is equally, if not more important, than those gorgeous hair, then it has to be the texture and the quality of your skin. Your skin is a mirror; it reflects your inner health and goodness as much it reflects your outer regimen. At VLCC, we have a truckload of facials therapies that come loaded with exfoliating luxuries. The right way to cuddle your skin is by rejuvenating it through VLCC’s comprehensive suite of facial therapies. The anti tan facial kit takes care of your tanning fears as much as the Fruit Facial Single Kit does; Diamond Facial kit and the Di-pigmentation kit provide a soothing experience to your skin by eliminating the stress. It lets your skin breathe, more freely than ever!

Sunscreen is one of the best anti ageing solution

We would love to slather our skins with the best creams retailed in the market just with the wish to reverse the signs of getting older. To achieve a younger looking skin we go steps forward to schedule spa treatments every fortnight that could cost us a fortune, for which we do not deter or even blink an eye. We love to pamper our skins with the best of skincare products without even realising how far we are when it comes to truly obtaining the benefits.

With premature aging as one of the major concerns for women hitting their 30s and over, the market is offering a spread of the some of the best anti ageing serums for use. We, however, tend to forget that the best of creams to tackle the aging concern is probably tucked away in our bathroom shelves – a sunscreen lotion.

Studies have indicated that a sunblock cream is one of the most effective to tackle premature aging. It can reduce the process by four to five years in middle age individuals, which means you look four to five years younger and your skin is able to retain its natural glow and firmness. This is not one of those ground-breaking findings as most of us are aware of this fact – we just tend to ignore it.


We are made to believe that we need different anti ageing products, though we may, but if we include a good and effective sunscreen to our daily skincare regime, the results will be astounding. A broad spectrum sunscreen lotion or cream has cosmetic benefits. In a study conducted five years ago, middle-age individuals, both men and women, we asked to apply sunscreen lotions on the exposed areas of their body and to reapply every 2-3 hours when outdoors. The results revealed no visible appearance of fine lines or added wrinkles to the existing.

This is a clear indication that the use of a sunblock lotion daily can help stall the premature aging process. It acts as a potent line of defense against cell-damaging free radicals that are responsible for appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, due to the high concentration of antioxidants in such creams.