Ayurvedic Tips for a Glowing Skin

Who wouldn’t love to flaunt a beautiful and fair skin?! However owing to the growing pollution levels and other environmental factors it has become almost impossible to achieve that look. While many of us fall for those ever-expensive cosmetic products for acne removal treatment and other skin problems, we mostly tend to ignore the benefits our skin can enjoy from various ayurvedic treatments.

Here are some ayurvedic tips to help to achieve that flawless look and skin:

  • Watch-out for what you eat and drink

Include legumes, walnut, walnut, tomato and pomegranate in your diet to provide nourishment to your skin. Maintain the glow of your skin by making sure that you drink a lot of water, fibrous food and good fat.

drinking water a ayurvedic tips for skin care

Going by traditional ayurvedic massage and therapies along with other researches adding seeds and nuts to the diet improves the glow and texture of your skin. Also it is important to note that nuts and seeds are an ideal food especially when they are rich in Omega-3s and fibre.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best ways to purify it. Also consuming cooling food like mint and cardamom also helps in achieving a perfect-looking skin.

  • Getting Enough Sleep

The day’s hard work should be well rewarded with enough sleep. Giving your body adequate not only facilitates the functions of the body but also provides you with a natural-looking young skin. An individual subjected to less sleep is sure to suffer from fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Apart from this it is a chemical-free acne removal treatment.

  • Skin Conditioning

The importance of skin conditioning and keeping it moisturized can be well understood from the variety of cosmetics available in the market which guarantee skin moisturizing. Ayurveda provides an alternate and herbal product for it. Mix honey with your regular cream and apply it to your skin. Keep it for 5 minutes and remove it with the help of a cotton ball.


Making a career in beauty industry

The ability to beautify is a rare talent, and the artists so gifted often enjoy name and fame in the public domain. Artists, craftsmen, photographers etc. are celebrated for their ability. However, this was not quite applicable to beauticians–even though the nature of work was almost similar—until lately.

Contemporarily, this line of work has started receiving its due credence and respect. Today, it offers the right blend of glamour, money and success to those who have the skill to succeed. So if this unconventional and glamourous field appeals to you, you are lucky to be born in this age. The industry is recession proof, proliferating and expanding. There is no dearth of professional beauty academies as well which will give the fresh talent a platform to begin their journey. But before you start off, here is what to expect.

course in beauty


The term beautician is self-explanatory as well as ambiguous. While it hints on the general nature of the job in this sector, there are several portfolios within it to gain specialization. The field has grown enormously, so has the competition and need for excellence. So you will have to choose a few areas of specializations and master them completely. Basically, you can do anything from taking a course in nutrition to be a bridal style expert.

New Vistas

The traditional fields of hairdressing and makeup artists have branched further into speciality portfolios like hair health and bridal special. So new vistas are constantly being added. You can be a nail artist, specialize on facials and spas or be a stage makeup artist. A wide array of possibilities are open.

Job Opportunities

You can find placement in various arenas from speciality clinics to salons and spa. The opportunities in the cinema and television industry is also quite evident. You can start off as a makeup artist. Entrepreneurship is always an option. After you gain sufficient hands on experience, you can open up your independent brand or start off as a franchise to leading brands.

Super-Foods to Treat Your Hair and Skin With

4 Foods to Treat Hair Loss

If your hair is falling, it probably means your diet is doing more harm to you than good. Tweak your food chart to include nutritious items to help repair damaged hair. Among home remedies for hair loss treatment, devising a diet chart to treat hair-fall problems can amount to much greater benefit than you would like to imagine.

Here are the 5 foods to improve your hair health:

1. Walnuts

Nuts are great drivers of hair growth. They contribute to the oil concentrations inside your body which are essential for growth. A lack of essential oils in your system could be the reason for the snapping of your hair. Popping walnuts will increase elastin levels, thus nourishing your hair.

foods that protects hair loss

2. Spinach

Deficiency of iron in your body could cause extensive damage to your hair. But it’s easy to treat hair problems that arise because of that reason. Vitamins and minerals found in spinach are good for your hair follicles and help keep them in good health.

3. Fish

Eating foods rich in magnesium are a must to maintain good hair. Hair loss is also caused when there’s not enough magnesium in the body to process. Halibut and other fish are all rich sources of magnesium and are recommended to be had in case you’re looking to treat your hair naturally as part of hair loss treatment.

4. Eggs

Vitamin D is good for your hair. Eggs have lots and lots of it. Do I still need to say it out loud? Eat eggs! Every day! It’s non-vegetarian and healthy!

Think about the kind of time and energy it would save if you included these miraculous super-foods in your diet. They are all capable of preventing your hair from damaging and breaking.

4 Foods for Great Skin

Skin treatment is something that not everybody believes in. And in the process, it’s either drawn to the sides or may still be struggling to appear in your priorities list. But those who realize the importance of wellness in order to keep fit would know how essential it is to take good care of the skin, as it’s fragile and most vulnerable to pathogens.

So here are the 5 foods that ought to be considered for beauty & skin treatment:

1. Chocolate

Hydrate your skin by eating loads of chocolate. Cocoa is rich in anti-oxidants which leaves your skin glowing. It will also become more firm along with being luminous.

chocolate and foods for skin care

2. Pomegranate

A great fruit that can regulate the blood flow and a rich source of polyphenol, an agent that helps fight free radicals thereby protecting the skin from acne. Drinking pomegranate juice a couple of times a day can help smoothen the lines on your skin and also moisturize it.

3. Sunflower seeds

These miracle seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and can help protect your skin from harmful radiation coming from the sun. They can be used in skin treatment of parched parts of your body like lips and heels.

4. Yogurt

Dairy products help keep the skin firm and prevent it from loosening. Yogurt will help you do just that. You will achieve smooth moisturized skin without irritation or dryness.

Is It About Dabbing a Bucket Full of Make Up?

It’s been a common observation that our Indian women are not really fond of the bling and shimmers, in comparison to their counterparts. It’s not that they do not apply makeup or avoid visiting to a beauty parlour, but yes, not the way in comparison to their counterparts. According to one of the professional artists, many of my clients are interested in makeup, but for some odd reason they entertain conventional mindset that application of excess makeup is likely to harm their skin, which has nothing to do with reality. There’s nothing to put on a mental block with makeup. It’s no stone carved rule that application of makeup is likely to affect the skin in the long run. It indeed rewards an individual to look the way as she intends to.

ayurvedic treatments for acne

But yes, the only piece of advice is instead of getting makeup done by any ‘so-called’ artists and later regretting in the future; keep a check over what products are you applying on your skin. One-trick-suits all thing do not have a right approach. This is where the major difference lies in. If you happen to use any random makeup product, things are likely to worsen and later, the only solution left would be to resort to different skin or acne treatments.

So what can be done is get in touch to a professional artists, who initially checks the skin type and latter recommend products in conjunction to the same. Not everyone is blessed with the same skin type; some has dry skin, whereas others have oily skin texture. Though it do not makes much difference in a lay man’s term, but surely leave terrible consequences, if neglected in any way. A few cosmetic products such as concealer, blusher, beige colour lip shade, mascara are a few ‘must-have’ of a girl’s makeup kit. So, if you happen to be using any random cosmetics by now, get in touch with a professional and things are likely to make you observe magical difference.

Lose Weight Naturally

Putting on weight is no less than a dreaded dream for all the people around. Apart from various physical factors which lead to weight gain there are some biological and hereditary causes which influence the body weight mechanism. In a world where good appearance is the key to success being overweight is a curse, it is not alone your looks which suffer the blow it is your health which is most effected.

Weight reduction is not an overnight phenomenon but requires commitment and dedication for days and months. Obese people are most at risk when it comes to health issues. Various health problems which weigh an overweight individual down include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart diseases due to blockage in arteries, type 2 diabetes and gallstones. You might be able to compensate with your communication and skills for your dull appearance but compensating for your health is beyond any option.

Weight loss diet is the most effective way to combat weight issues. Here are some tips when coupled with a healthy diet as suggested by a dietician give out miraculous results:

lose weight naturally

  • Never skip your breakfast. You might think how eating helps in weight reduction? To answer this avoiding breakfast often leads to an over-indulgence during the following meals. A high-fiber and nutritious diet is not only a sumptuous meal but is a must have for the rest of the day.
  • Spices set your metabolism in action. Including spices such as cinnamon, ginger, mustard kick starts the metabolism. A good metabolic rate influences your weight loss diet as well.
  • Control your sweet wishes. It is to say that avoid sugar intake in your diet. Apart from the conventional warnings you hear about weight gain from sweets, there is a biological reason to it which is insulin released by the high blood sugars order your body to store fat. Hence weight gain.
  • Green Tea is a must. Consuming green tea after every meal speeds up the process of conversion fat into energies.

Live Healthy, Eat Well

Today, fitness is closely related with a lean and curvaceous body. Every woman secretly wishes for that perfectly sculpted figure without the flabs. Love handles are no longer cute and the chubby double chin is out of trend. The carelessly accumulated fat has long become undesirable and now you can’t help but hope that one day you could just wish it away. Wearing tight cloths is no longer an option. You have switched from roadside pickups to branded and tailored clothes. And your confidence level drops even lower when you asses yourself in the mirror after getting ready. The plight of the obese is not uncommon.

And sadly, all this is accountable to a few bad habits deeply impressed, ever since. You swear, you loathe, you buck-up and retreat, but bad habits are hard to get rid of. You may torture yourself into submission for a while but somehow a few irregularities seep in. The result is, the obstinate needle of the weighing machine refuses to budge to the left. The question remains unanswered – how to reduce weight?

reduce weight and manage with bmi

So, in an attempt to make the feeblest change in my regime that lasts longer than a whiff I came across these tips. I would say the difference in terms of lbs. and BMI calculator isn’t tremendous but I do feel livelier, healthier and lighter. It does give me the energy to push down my limits when I work-out and fight lethargy. Also, though mid-meal cravings refuse to let me be, I have successfully abstained from odd hour comfort food.

So here it goes.

  • Avoid black tea and coffee and choose green tea instead. There are other refreshing options as well like lime water, nettle, coconut water etc. but stop putting in caffeine and nicotine in your system.
  • Drink water. Lots and lots of it. Though one thing worth mentioning is, drink it at room temperature, neither hot nor cold. It cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated.
  • Drink fresh juices at least one glass each day. Rich in fibre and nutrients, it keeps you healthy and energetic.
  • Avoid processed food. At least this much is obligatory if you call yourself on any kind of a diet.
  • Try to choose organically grown food and vegetables over your regular choice.

Food Rules to Be Followed Sincerely

In such timespan, wherein each one of us are exposed to dirt and pollution, it has become immediate requirement of the hour to keep a check over what’s being consumed. It’s a no secret that packed-stuff or ready-to-eat food have become all-time favourite buddy. Sadly, you should not stick to junk food as a slight negligence from your end would affect you in future. There are many who despite wanting to maintain a healthy eating regimen finds it difficult to deal with the same. Unfamiliarity has to be accredited for the same. Follow up makes a mention of different things that you need to sure about in order to shed flab and flaunt your way out the right way.

Cut the crap. This is undeniably the foremost prerequisite. You must bid adieu to sugar, oily stuff, beverages or caffeine and processed works.

bmi calculator

Avoid eating after a certain time-span: say for instance: if you prefer eating by 9 pm, then try to fix it as your standard time. Bringing-in constant changes in timings might affect aversely so stick to one.

Yes, you can cheat: true enough that you are following a weight loss diet keep a BMI calculator by your side to keep checking your body mass index. But keeping apart all this, being on a weight loss diet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to force yourself to either boiled food or literally starve self. Once in every fifteen days, you can eat whatever you feel like, it’s presumed that you will be compensating for the same any way.

Take fish oil supplements: do not skin on taking fish oil supplements.

So as to wrap up, consider these tips and shed flab the right way!