Weight Reduction with Low Carb Diet

Fats and calories are a taboo in the world of fitness and weight-loss. These are reminiscent of gourmet food against the contrasting hunger pangs, but anyways an abstinence. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why diet plans are a sure shot recipe for failure. You cannot sustain a diet by starving yourself. As you try to contain yourself from eating calorie rich food it is bound to backfire in the long run. Nothing works like lose weight on the go, but controlling the quality instead of quantity of your intake can make things easier. On the other hand, healthy living is a habit pretty addictive in nature. So chances are, if you start doing it right, it would come to you as a natural habit and not as an effort.

low carb diet to lose weight

The first step to a viable weight reduction plan is to choose a course that doesn’t needs you to go hungry. Aligning your eating habits with a low carb diet instead of low fat, can be a simple but effective change on these lines. Cut down your carb consumption ruthlessly but never stay hungry. Manage the insulin level as well. Adopting a low sugar low carb diet will put your body on autopilot to burn fat instead of calories. And wasn’t that the agenda all along?

Instead of unquenched appetite and controlling mid meal cravings, you can now eat heaps by carefully choosing what you put on your plate. Weight reduction is evident even as the first week passes, especially if you are new to dieting—the more you have to lose, the faster it happens. The ideal meal should have one protein, one fat and one portion of other essentials. A piece of roasted meat or boiled egg, carb free veggies such as cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, etc. prepared in one of the saturated fat forms, namely olive oil, zero cholesterol refined oil, sunflower oil etc. and have a big bowl full of salads. A simple online search will give you truckloads of options easily found in your kitchen that are low on carbohydrates.

So, you are good to go with this. Also incorporate a cheat meal once a week to keep your body attuned to digesting carbs. This will help you retain your shape, should you eat normally for a while.


Sweating in Gym is No Solution

Losing weight is not merely about sweating it out for three-four hours in gym on a daily basis, but it’s also about what you eat. There are many people who have this mindset that merely working out on a regular basis will enable them to lose desired weight, but the fact is that working out is a part of enabling a person to lose weight, and is not the only factor that makes a person lose weight.

If you think that you have put on excessive weight and you work against it then, you should keep a check over what you eat and have a right diet plan drafted by a dietician.

Sweating in Gym

Consuming junk or unhealthy food will ruin all the hard work, you put in gym. According to an expert dietician, if you want to lose weight, there should be a proper diet plan and it should be as close to normal diet as possible. This is because including excessive boiled vegetables or fruits in diet to lose weight plan will eventually become a deviating factor for you in ‘cut-the-crap mission’. If you are a food enthusiast who loves idli, dosas, pizzas, manchurian, and you have these dishes even twice a week, you definitely need to concentrate on your diet to lose weight to look in a desired way.