Tips to care for oily and dry skin types

If you want flawless and fairer complexion, it is very important to take care of various aspects of your face care routine. As there are numerous points to cover, I have categorised this short blog using various sub headings for the ease of readers. Feel free to read the part that is relevant to you.

Different complexions have different needs and encounter various problems. It is essential to determine your skin type and then take facial bleach and required action.

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Beauty ideas for oily skin

This is the most frustrating of skin types. The difficulties are aplenty, yet when taken care of well, you could end up with natural glowing complexion that is appealing and gorgeous.
Common snags

  • Coarse skin with apparently larger pores because of the over manufacturing of oils gives out a shiny and oily sheen.
  • Appearance of pimples and acne marks, blackheads, white heads and dark spots.
  • Simple suggestions
  • Stick with a healthy diet plan which includes lots of raw veggies and fruits avoiding oily and fast food.
  • Ensure your face is clean all day long. Use a natural facial kit once a week to help exfoliate and remove excess oils and prevent acne.

Beauty ideas for dry skin

If you think that oily skin is a discomfort, and then permit us tell you that having completely dry skin isn’t great either. Dry skin can be really unbearable particularly in winters and harsh low temperature levels giving extreme pain and an unpleasant look when not taken care of properly.

Common snags

  • Dry skin typically appears to have great structure with dullness. A closer look and you will notice some flaky or granulated  sections particularly near the lips, eyes, and forehead.
  •  If overlooked it will certainly develop creases and cause pre-mature aging making you look older than you are.
  •  Simple suggestions
  • Do not use warm water during a bath. In winters try using lukewarm water on the body but avoid it on the face.
  • Never ever leave the shower without using a hydrating moisturizer.
  • Tap dry your skin after a shower with a soft towel.

Avoid those dull looks, try natural bleach for radiant look

facial bleachIt has been seen that homemade facial bleach has always won over every girl’s preference list. The simple reason behind is that no matter what is the skin texture, it doesn’t affect skin in any which way, which otherwise is the biggest problem for a girl. This is an unhidden fact that with age it’s not just our complexion but skin tends to lose its radiance and here’s where facial bleach and that too a natural one comes to rescue. It helps in retaining radiance of an individual’s skin and also helps in avoiding those dull looks.

In order to get rectified, there are a few women who spend countless bucks to enjoy instant results and there are other few who prefer applying these natural facial bleach kits and get rid of all sorts of issues. The only thing is that if you will try these facial kit on a daily basis then only, you can expect to enjoy flawless results otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy privileges of flawless consequences. The bottom line is that in order to enjoy flawless results of natural stuff, you have to stick to the saying that says patience is virtue. But yes, the good thing is that you can keep a check over all those ingredients that will be used while preparation. If you are allergic to any of the ingrdients, you will have full freedom on avoiding those

Look Gorgeous with Fair Skin and Trendy Hair

Every individual wants to look good and be unique among the others. This fashion has become a matter of concern and every individual have become very particular about their looks. Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and have a whitened and brighter skin? Now with time passing by, people have even started changing the colour and texture of their hair according to their choice. So for getting a facial done for a brightened skin and to get your hair coloured in a proper way, you can go through the following few paragraphs for small useful tips which can help you.

Facial is a cosmetic treatment that makes the skin glow and clear from the black heads, dead cells, acne and at the same time gives a brightened and even tone skin by using various skin treatments. These treatments are basically performed at salon but now you can even have these done at your own place and any time.

look gorgeous with trendy hair and skin

Facials have a long process which starts from the cleanser and then exfoliates and finally moisturizes the skin. It simply utilizes the hand technique or electro technique to give a pure texture to the skin; if you are trying it at your place then you can go for the hand technique. The hand technique utilizes the hand movements which remove the black heads, white heads and even the dead skin and cells. After this the right hand movement will nourish your skin which will make an even skin tone and activate the new skin cells which glows your skin and makes it look fresh and shinny.

The hair colour is a soluble substance that is used for staining and highlighting the hair streaks or the complete hair and once you have applied this you will have a different shade of hair with a different texture. You can even do the hair colour at your own place by applying the colours but the major risk of this is you need to be sure enough on which colour would suit you perfectly.

Selecting the right colour will only make you look good and it depends on your complexion, height of your hair and your eye colour. People who are cool enough or medium complexion can go for the colours like orange, golden highlights and red while the people who are warm or high complexion should go for colour like purple, burgundy and violet. You can follow this chart and can get your hair coloured with the right colour and make yourself look gorgeous.

It’s All About Skin Whitening Creams

Whitening creams are meant to brighten up the affected part of skin and retain the facial glow. Besides skin whitening creams, markets are full of diversified range of facial kit that can help you in getting rid of skin concerns like acne, marks, patches, dark spots etc. If you have been struggling with any sort of skin concerns and been wishing to get a magical treatment, here’s the time to put a full stop to your search, try VLCC’s facial kit that is endowing magical transformation to hordes of people. If your skin is sensitive enough to bear any sort of chemicals, VLCC’s herbal counter is all set to pamper your skin with herbal products that do not have any side-affects.

Below are some of the advantages of using a skin whitening cream:

1. Whitening cream though delivers result gradually, however it is affective in long term. It might few days or several weeks, but then after some time, you will observe magical transformation. However, if you are suffering from skin discoloration, you need to get into touch of a cosmetologist to get your scars and blackish patches healed completely.

vlcc skin whitening cream

2. To put it frankly, those of you who wish to see instant results will not be warmed up with this process, since it is a slow one. But this is the best option for those who want to treat their malady right from its roots. Skin treatments retain the original tone without resorting to chemicals usage.

3. Skin whitening agents possess a great range of ingredients and do not affect the dermal layers of skin. Active ingredients like hydroquinone plays an imperative role, but is not recommended to those who have sensitive skin. Besides hydroquinone, retinol, botanical extracts are also recommended by professionals.

You can Now Bid Adieu to Skin Issues without Paying Sky-Scraping Prices

With the wedding day is approaching fast, everyone is looking for that flawless & healthy skin that can brighten their skin texture, enhance physical appearance and above all, rejuvenate it from within.

Gone are the days when a person had to pay sky-scraping prices in order to purchase a simple facial kit or facial bleach kit. Now is the time to bid adieu to your worries as clinics to the likes of VLCC and ALPS are introducing diversified range of do-it-yourself personal care facial kits. These kits have the appropriate balance of products that you would require to invigorate and revive your skin.

Enlisted are some of the simple things that you should try at home. Moreover, the best part is that you need not pay sky scraping prices in order to avail the advantages of these procedures.

Cleanse the skin – Begin with washing your face with a mild face wash and clean your face and neck with a soothing cleansing milk prior to putting on make-up or repeat the same while removing make-up.

Steam – There are different ways by which one can take steam. You can use a deep base utensil filled with hot water, use a thick towel to soak in the steam, and press it gently onto your face. Repeat it twice or thrice so that the steam can penetrate ideally into the dermal layers of the skin. You can also purchase steamers that are readily available in the market at affordable rates.

Massage – Though it might sound simple, you should always pamper your skin with regular massages for about ten minutes twice a week. Massage gently with finger tips and use upward strokes so that the cream gets absorbed into the skin. Even 5 to 10 minutes of gentle massage will revitalize the skin and enhance its texture.

The mask – Exfoliation helps in treating the dead cells from its roots. Face masks play an imperative role in hydrating the texture of the skin. The market is flooded with diversified range of facial bleach kits and hence, you can try any one of them that best matches your skin type in order to get rid of any skin pigmentation problems.