Is It About Dabbing a Bucket Full of Make Up?

It’s been a common observation that our Indian women are not really fond of the bling and shimmers, in comparison to their counterparts. It’s not that they do not apply makeup or avoid visiting to a beauty parlour, but yes, not the way in comparison to their counterparts. According to one of the professional artists, many of my clients are interested in makeup, but for some odd reason they entertain conventional mindset that application of excess makeup is likely to harm their skin, which has nothing to do with reality. There’s nothing to put on a mental block with makeup. It’s no stone carved rule that application of makeup is likely to affect the skin in the long run. It indeed rewards an individual to look the way as she intends to.

ayurvedic treatments for acne

But yes, the only piece of advice is instead of getting makeup done by any ‘so-called’ artists and later regretting in the future; keep a check over what products are you applying on your skin. One-trick-suits all thing do not have a right approach. This is where the major difference lies in. If you happen to use any random makeup product, things are likely to worsen and later, the only solution left would be to resort to different skin or acne treatments.

So what can be done is get in touch to a professional artists, who initially checks the skin type and latter recommend products in conjunction to the same. Not everyone is blessed with the same skin type; some has dry skin, whereas others have oily skin texture. Though it do not makes much difference in a lay man’s term, but surely leave terrible consequences, if neglected in any way. A few cosmetic products such as concealer, blusher, beige colour lip shade, mascara are a few ‘must-have’ of a girl’s makeup kit. So, if you happen to be using any random cosmetics by now, get in touch with a professional and things are likely to make you observe magical difference.


Ayurvedic Treatments for Acne

Pimples can be a very irritating and painful problem when it is at its worse. It can not only affect the looks of an otherwise beautiful face but can ruin one’s self-confidence badly. The pustules are particularly painful and contagious. It is hard to resist touching or popping them, but once you do that they spread quickly to other areas as well. They cover the best years of one’s youth when one is supposed to look their best. Hence, I know it can be very irritating, especially when you can’t find a cure. You are left with the only choice that you hide indoors and wish for it to vanish before an important event or cake up makeup and hope to hide it; well needless to say that the both go in vain.

ayurvedic treatments for acne

However, the situation is not so hopeless if you consider taking some Ayurvedic treatment. Natural ingredients heal the skin and give a permanent solution as they replenish what we are lacking. It has no side effects whatsoever but you need to follow the treatment religiously and have some patience. These are super effective but slow. Here are some tips to help you with the problem, but don’t forget the aforementioned points while following them.

  • Tea tree oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredient. Dab a cotton wool and apply topically only on the affected area to help burn the infection.
  • Nutmeg powder is another antifungal Ayurvedic treatment that can relieve the condition and lighten the marks as well. Grate some nutmeg on a rough stone and mix it with raw milk. Apply this mixture unless it dries and wash off.
  • Turmeric, gram flour, aloe gel and lemon juice when combined forms an excellent face mask for it. Apply this mask everyday as your acne treatment to stop it from reoccurring.
  • Aloe Vera gel can also be helpful in painful blisters. It may not heal the condition but it certainly relieves the inflammation and hence your urge to pop or touch it.

Laser Hair Removal: A Solution to Flawless Skin for Ages

Women recommend using laser hair removal over other traditional methods. It is an effective treatment option to remove facial hair permanently.

Women definitely have the sixth sense. They do not anticipate change early but they also have a tendency to find a solution to some of the most difficult problems. It is their persistence to get a solution to ageing signs what show their dedication in this case. They want flawless skin at any cost. They do not want facial hair at unwanted places. Men have also joined them in the race. There are different options to get rid of hair but none as effective as laser hair removal.

Get Rid of Facial Hair Permanently

get rid of laser hair removal

Women have tried several methods in the past. The popularity of laser hair removal is based on its accuracy and permanent nature of results. They do not want to remove hair every week. It kills off the purpose, to put things rightly. It is again not a good thing to use chemicals frequently. It would expose facial skin to different types of skin issues.

The laser technique is an advanced scientific option to remove hair, once and for all. It has become relatively popular in a shorter period of time. The high treatment cost proves to be a decisive factor in the end.

Growing Dependence on Scientific Techniques

Women want to cure skin imperfections by going after advanced scientific techniques. It is not a wrong option considering science has made tremendous progress in healthcare sector in the last couple of decades. Women should also think about trying natural skin treatment methods.

The reason women prefer using advanced scientific techniques is to maintain healthy skin. They would not want side-effects to ruin the purpose and efforts both. Natural products, on the other hand, offer miraculous results without putting health or skin at risk. You should opt for scientific methods knowing the advantages and disadvantages both.

Five Interesting Tips to Bid Adieu to Acne

If you have an oily skin, make sure that you select such an acne treatment that would suit your skin texture and its sensitivity. This is very important to make sure that the acne does not reoccur. Variations in your lifestyle and things that you eat on a daily basis can go a long way in ascertaining that acne becomes a matter of past. Let us have an overview of various skin treatment, which you people can flexibly try at home:

• Majority of skin issues can be resolved flexibly once you keep your skin clean and oil-free throughout the day. This being said, it is important to wash your face regularly, a gentle face cleanser is precisely what you require. Avoid using scrubs and exfoliators because excessive use of exfoliators could result in worsening your acne.

• If you find pimples proliferating along with your hair roots, make sure that you shampoo it regularly. Doing so will keep you sweat-free and will help you in ensuring that the skin around it is clean and healthy. Better still get a complete skin treatment in a reputed salon to ensure deep cleansing of the skin.

• There are many pimple creams available in markets which ultimately dry up the affected area and enable a person to retain their face gloss.

• Greasy cosmetic products like lotions, hair styling products, and sun-block can have a direct impact in clogging skin pores. Hence, if you have been using such cosmetic products because here’s the time to bid adieu to such creams and lotions.

• If you are fed up with any of the skin issues likes dark patches, blemishes, acne, avoid touching the infected area. Besides it, you should refrain from picking at it or pocking it because doing so will leave terrible scars on skin.

As a whole, be cautious and follow the aforementioned tips and you are guaranteed to flaunt your clear and radiant skin, which you must have dreamt of.

You can Now Bid Adieu to Skin Issues without Paying Sky-Scraping Prices

With the wedding day is approaching fast, everyone is looking for that flawless & healthy skin that can brighten their skin texture, enhance physical appearance and above all, rejuvenate it from within.

Gone are the days when a person had to pay sky-scraping prices in order to purchase a simple facial kit or facial bleach kit. Now is the time to bid adieu to your worries as clinics to the likes of VLCC and ALPS are introducing diversified range of do-it-yourself personal care facial kits. These kits have the appropriate balance of products that you would require to invigorate and revive your skin.

Enlisted are some of the simple things that you should try at home. Moreover, the best part is that you need not pay sky scraping prices in order to avail the advantages of these procedures.

Cleanse the skin – Begin with washing your face with a mild face wash and clean your face and neck with a soothing cleansing milk prior to putting on make-up or repeat the same while removing make-up.

Steam – There are different ways by which one can take steam. You can use a deep base utensil filled with hot water, use a thick towel to soak in the steam, and press it gently onto your face. Repeat it twice or thrice so that the steam can penetrate ideally into the dermal layers of the skin. You can also purchase steamers that are readily available in the market at affordable rates.

Massage – Though it might sound simple, you should always pamper your skin with regular massages for about ten minutes twice a week. Massage gently with finger tips and use upward strokes so that the cream gets absorbed into the skin. Even 5 to 10 minutes of gentle massage will revitalize the skin and enhance its texture.

The mask – Exfoliation helps in treating the dead cells from its roots. Face masks play an imperative role in hydrating the texture of the skin. The market is flooded with diversified range of facial bleach kits and hence, you can try any one of them that best matches your skin type in order to get rid of any skin pigmentation problems.